The Song of Hiawatha
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The Song of Hiawatha

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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The Song of Hiawatha

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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This is the completely illustrated and annotated edition including an extensive primer on the author's life and works and many splendid drawings by Harrsion Fisher. 'This Indian Edda, if I may so call it,' says the author, 'is founded on a tradition, prevalent among the North American Indians, of a personage of miraculous birth, who was sent among them to clear their rivers, forests, and fishing-grounds, and to teach them the arts of peace. He was known among different tribes by the several names of Michabou, Chiabo, Manabozho, Tarcuyawagon, and Hiawatha. ' We are further informed, that 'the scene of the poem is among the Ojibways on the southern shore of Lake Superior, in the region between the Pictured Rocks and the Grand Sable.' Here then, at last, is a genuine American poem, by a native of America; a poem redolent of pine-forests and the smoke of wigwams. ' In reading American poetry, we never get beyond the shores of Kent,' said a surly critic some years ago. It is obvious enough, that if this complaint was justifiable then, it is utterly without foundation now. Longfellow's poem created an immense and instant sensation, not only in this country, but in England. It was read, it was quoted, it was praised, it was ridiculed, it was dramatized, it was parodied, it was attacked as a plagiarism. It remains to this day the most parodied poem in the English language.

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The Song of Hiawatha
Henry W. Longfellow
The Song of Hiawatha, H. W.Longfellow
Jazzybee Verlag Jürgen Beck
86450 Altenmünster, Loschberg 9
ISBN: 9783849623579

Introductory To Hiawatha

The Red Man in North America has alternately been the victim of the poet and the politician. The wrongs suffered through the emissaries of the State may be of a more vital character than those inflicted by the Muse, yet they cannot be more real; for it has been the custom of the poet to clothe the Red Man in a histrionic garb, and invest him with exaggerated action. In literature he has, therefore, on the whole, had more than his due. The " Noble " overshadows the '' Poor Indian.'' Still there have been exceptions to the general rule, and thus a great character has occasionally been allowed to stand far below the true level. This, perhaps, has been the case with Hiawatha, the Sage of the Iroquois.
In saying this, however, I have no desire to reflect upon the course adopted by the author of the beautiful poem of " Hiawatha." His representations are, in the main, founded on Indian traditions. He has draw...

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