We Are All Self-Employed
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We Are All Self-Employed

How to Take Control of Your Career

Cliff Hakim

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๐Ÿ“– eBook - ePub

We Are All Self-Employed

How to Take Control of Your Career

Cliff Hakim

About This Book

This is not a book about starting your own business. Then again, it is. By now there is ample evidence that an "employed" attitude-believing that you work for an employer and acting as though by doing your work your job will be secure-is defunct. An employed attitude is the antithesis of what you need now to endure and prosper. In this revised edition of his prescient bestseller, Cliff Hakim shows how to replace your employed attitude with a self-employed attitude."We are all self-employed" is an empowering belief that you can steer your own direction and influence the quality of your life. You're the boss--a self-leader-- whether you work inside or outside of an organization. You are the decision-maker and ultimately, the onus is on you to imagine, plan, explore, and create the worklife that you want.In We Are All Self-Employed Hakim presents and clarifies the minimum critical requirements needed to develop, deepen, and sustain a self-employed attitude. He takes you on a journey of assimilating and constructing this new, more empowered attitude toward work and life. Each chapter features checklists and exercises to deepen your understanding of what a self-employed attitude is and how you can cultivate and maintain it, as well as examples of the self-employed attitude in action. The book's lessons are summarized in an inspiring and energizing Worklife Creed for this exciting and challenging new world of work. We Are All Self-Employed will call out and nourish the self-leader in you so that you can create a successful and satisfying life.

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