Bones in London
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Bones in London

Edgar Wallace

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Bones in London

Edgar Wallace

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From the coast of West Africa to the streets of Europe, the peculiar Augustus "Bones" Tibbetts is unknowingly pulled into various financial plots and schemes. As part of Edgar Wallace's Sanders of the River collection, Bones in London follows the endearing military man as he haplessly juggles business and politics.

Augustus Tibbetts, also known as Bones, has left the coast of Africa for the bustling streets of England. As the new managing director of Schemes Ltd., he suddenly finds himself at the center of multiple mishaps. Along with his trusted assistant Miss Winfield, the duo encounters questionable characters and unexpected ploys. Despite the circumstance, Bones stays true to his nature and finds a way to come out on top.

Wallace uses the affable protagonist to highlight corrupt business practices within London. It is an issue that affects both upper and lower-class citizens making it relatable to a broader audience. With Bones' unique perspective and eccentric voice, he balances the dark tone with genuine humor and heart.

Bones in London is one of many entries in the author's vast catalog, which includes Bones (1915), Lieutenant Bones (1918), and Bones of the River (1923). Each book is a serialized version of short stories originally published in The Weekly Tale-Teller, The Windsor Magazine, and The 20-Story Magazine. For more than a century, these classic titles have delivered mystery and intrigue for readers of all ages. Wallace's work was integral to the creation of contemporary crime drama.

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