Paradise Lost
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Paradise Lost

John Milton

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Paradise Lost

John Milton

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Beginning shortly after Satan was banished to Hell, Lucifer, the fallen angel, delivers a persuasive speech to organize his followers after they were defeated by God's army. As he attempts to rejuvenate the enthusiasm of his demons, Satan discovers his insatiable need for revenge. Empowered by his follower's support, Satan realizes that the best way to achieve his desire is through the corruption of God's most treasured creation—humankind. Determined to undermine God one more time, Satan journeys to Earth, where he finds Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden. Described as paradise on Earth, the Garden of Eden provides everything Eve and Adam need. The couple live harmoniously, and enjoy a healthy emotional and sexual relationship. However, when Satan arrives and persuades them otherwise, life isn't just changed for them, but for all of humankind. However, Adam and Eve do not realize their mistake right away, as their life seems as pleasant as ever and are able to appease their every desire. But when God confronts them for what they'd done, Adam and Eve become desperate for forgiveness, and Satan relishes in the success of his plan.

Following the Christian origin myth of man, Paradise Lost by John Milton is an immense epic poem written in blank verse and separated into ten sections. With elaborate description and elevated language, Paradise Lost depicts new, thought-provoking perspectives of a well-known story. Through these elaborate perspectives and the expanded narrative, Milton intended to "justify" God's actions to men. Featuring exciting depictions of the Angelic War, Satan's defeat, and the life of Eve and Adam before and after their fall, John Milton's legendary poem is compelling and magnificent. Regarded as a superior work of English literature, Paradise Lost is an exquisite classic.

This edition of Paradise Lost by John Milton is now presented in an easy-to-read font and features a striking new cover design. With these accommodations, Paradise Lost is restored to modern standards while preserving its original mastery, providing an accessible and desirable experience for contemporary readers.

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