Black Rose Days
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Black Rose Days

Martin Malone

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Black Rose Days

Martin Malone

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'He beat her. Broke skin, left her needing stitches, and begged his sister tofurnish him with an alibi. My husband. What on earth have I married?A dormant monster?' Secrets, once disturbed, can ruin a life that has been spent trying to hide them.Two voices – one living, one dead – compete to find the truth behind theunsolved murder of Ena Tierney, committed thirty-one years ago on the CurraghPlains. Dan Somers, Ena's husband and the chief suspect at the time of themurder, returns to Ireland in an attempt to clear his name once and for all anduncover what has been left hidden for far too long. As Dan learns of the eventssurrounding Ena's death, a great turbulence roars to life that will consumeeverything – and everyone – in its path. A gripping and disturbing mystery, Black Rose Daysis the latest powerful work byMartin Malone, one of Ireland's finest storytellers.

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New Island

Table of contents

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