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Women Who Knew Jesus
Women Who Knew Jesus
📖 Book - PDF

Women Who Knew Jesus

Bonnie Ring
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📖 Book - PDF

Women Who Knew Jesus

Bonnie Ring
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About This Book

Praise for Women Who Knew Jesus

Designed as a guided study based on the many retreats the author has conducted, each of the book's chapters concentrates on one female subject and contains a biblical account (sometimes from more than one Gospel writer), numerous guided meditations, several reflection questions and a conclusion. Through these vignettes, the author underscores the general place of women in that era and the many ways that Jesus cut through the usual barriers and treated women with equality.

Ring's scholarship is evident throughout this groundbreaking work as is her religious tolerance. She examines motivations as well as actions and compares different Gospel accounts and the significance of those differences, especially in regard to the role of women. Her writing style encompasses simple stories, erudite theological argument, and provocative emotive insights that others her readers a means of identifcation with these remarkable women.

U.S. Review of Books

The power of Ring's interpretation is not so much in its rejection of tradition but in a new and clarifying contextualization. Ultimately, the deepest value of Ring's thoughtful e ort is that it ampli es one of Jesus' principal teachings - the radical equality of all human beings - by demonstrating the equality of all of Jesus' followers, regardless of gender. e author's research is meticulous and luminously presented and her message is profoundly Christian and modern. An important contribution to the scholarly literature on Jesus.

Kirkus Review

Ring is a lively, thoughtful author. Making personal anecdotes with intelligent scriptural exegesis, she maintains a consistent and contemplative voice throughout. You sense that the author not only cares about her material but about readers as well. Erudite, compassionate and probing, this book is perfect for church groups and those seeking a portrait of Christ that emphasizes mercy and equality.

Blue Ink Review

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