March, Women, March
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March, Women, March

Lucinda Hawksley

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eBook - ePub
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March, Women, March

Lucinda Hawksley

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About This Book

'A wonderful, inspiring story told with scholarship, passion and wit' – Miriam Margolyes

'A must-read' – Independent on Sunday

With an introduction by Dr Helen Pankhurst.

An illuminating and riveting exploration of the women's movement in Britain, and the extraordinary women behind it.

From the passing of the Marriage and Divorce Act in 1857 to all women attaining the vote in 1928, the struggle for suffrage in the United Kingdom was to be fought using the weapons of intellect, searing rhetoric, and violence in the streets. Ordinary women rose up to defy the roles prescribed by their society to become heroes in the battle for equality.

Using anecdotes and accounts by both famous and hitherto lesser-known suffragettes and suffragists, March, Women, March explores how the voices of women came to be heard throughout the land in the pursuit of equal voting rights for all women. Lucinda Hawksley brings the main protagonists of the women's movement to life, sharing diary extracts and letters that show the true voices of these women, while their portrayals in literature and art – as well as the media reports of the day – show just how much of an impact these trailblazers made.

'An accessible and engaging guide to the original women's movement' – Daily Telegraph

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
  7. Chapter 1: The Rights of Women
  8. Chapter 2: Caroline Norton Begins Her Campaign
  9. Chapter 3: Killing the Angel in the House
  10. Chapter 4: “A Boy Might Be a Person but Not a Girl”
  11. Chapter 5: The Married Women’s Property Act
  12. Chapter 6: The First Splits in the Suffrage Movement
  13. Chapter 7: How Fashion Got in on the Act
  14. Chapter 8: Bloody Sunday
  15. Chapter 9: The Match Girls’ Strike
  16. Chapter 10: New Zealand Gets the Vote
  17. Chapter 11: No Woman Should Submit to “Any Law”
  18. Chapter 12: The Birth of the Suffragette
  19. Chapter 13: The Siege of Fort Montefiore
  20. Chapter 14: In the Shadow of Holloway Prison
  21. Chapter 15: “March, Women, March to Victory”
  22. Chapter 16: The Scandal of Black Friday
  23. Chapter 17: Fighting in Purple, White and Green
  24. Chapter 18: The Tragedy at Epsom Derby
  25. Chapter 19: Slashing The Rokeby Venus
  26. Chapter 20: Women and the War Effort
  27. Chapter 21: “On Women Old and New”
  28. Chapter 22: Votes for Women at Last!
  29. Bibliography & Further Information
  30. Index
  31. Picture Credits
  32. Plates
  33. Copyright