The Continual Condition
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The Continual Condition

Charles Bukowski

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The Continual Condition

Charles Bukowski

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"The Walt Whitman of Los Angeles."

—Joyce Carol Oates

"He brought everybody down to earth, even the angels."

—Leonard Cohen, songwriter

Arguably the most imitated and influential American poet of the previous half-century, Charles Bukowski remains a counter-culture icon more than a decade after his death. The Continual Condition is a collection of never-before-published poems by the inimitable Bukowski—raw, tough, odes to alcohol, women, work, and despair by a rebel author equally adept at poetry and prose. Charles Bukowski lives on in The Continual Condition, a godsend for admirers of his previous collections Slouching Toward Nirvana, The Pleasures of the Damned, and Love is a Dog From Hell, as well as his novels Factotum, Ham on Rye, and Pulp.

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Table of contents

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