ASVAB AFQT For Dummies
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ASVAB AFQT For Dummies

With Online Practice Tests

Angie Papple Johnston, Rod Powers

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eBook - ePub

ASVAB AFQT For Dummies

With Online Practice Tests

Angie Papple Johnston, Rod Powers

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Score higher on the ASVAB AFQT

Having a stable and well-paying career in the military can change your life for the better—and this book makes it easier than ever to pass the ASVAB AFQT so you can serve your country and set your future up for success.

Inside, you'll find all the guidance and instruction you need to practice your way through the Math Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning sections of the exam so nothing comes as a surprise on test day. Plus, you get a one-year subscription to the online companion, where you can take additional full-length practice tests and focus your study where you need it the most.

  • Updated guidelines and tools to analyze test scores and understand how to master these critical sections of the exam
  • Advice and tips for becoming more confident with vocabulary, word knowledge, and reading comprehension skills
  • A review of math basics, including algebra and geometry instruction
  • Four full-length practice exams with complete explanations and answers to track your progress

Your future in the military awaits! Get there faster and more confidently with ASVAB AFQT For Dummies!

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For Dummies
Study Guides
Part 1

Getting Started with the ASVAB AFQT

Get an overview of the ASVAB AFQT, how it’s scored, and how to prepare for it.
Check out the differences between the paper and computerized tests, find out what your score means, and get details on the possibility of retaking the test.
Create a study plan to maximize your time between now and test day.
Figure out what study strategy works best for you, take advantage of study tips, and prepare yourself for test day.
Chapter 1

Examining the AFQT

Dissecting the AFQT
Checking out the advantages of a high AFQT score
Setting up a study plan
Using the practice tests correctly
If you’re thinking about joining the U.S. military, your AFQT score may well be the most important score you achieve on any military test. Sure, it also helps determine which military jobs you’re offered or whether you get promoted, but what good are those if you can’t get into the military in the first place? You need a qualifying score on the AFQT, or you won’t be allowed to enlist. You could be a young Rambo in the making, in perfect health and able to run 3 miles in 3 minutes, and none of that would matter if you didn’t have a qualifying AFQT score.
The services have years and years of research to back up their policy of using the AFQT score as an enlistment qualification. Dozens of studies have shown that an individual’s AFQT score is one of the most significant factors in determining whether a recruit will make it through basic training and his or her first enlistment period. It costs the military about $55,935 to process a new recruit for enlistment and send that person through basic training (and that’s not even including the cost of additional job-specific schooling after you’ve graduated), so you can see why the services want to maximize their chances of getting their money’s worth.
Thankfully, with a little review, there’s absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be able to score well on the AFQT. The score is, after all, composed of four areas that you studied intensely during your high-school years: basic math, math word problems, vocabulary, and reading. That’s where ASVAB AFQT For Dummies, 3rd Edition, comes in. Other test-prep books, such as ASVAB For Dummies (Wiley), try to prepare you for the entire Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and may be a great addition to your review, but this book is specifically designed to help you boost the most important ASVAB score of all: the AFQT score.

Getting a Close-Up View of the AFQT

The AFQT isn’t a stand-alone test. You can’t just walk into a recruiter’s office and say you want to take the AFQT. You have to take the entire ASVAB, which consists of nine separate subtests. Four of those subtests make up the score that’s known as the AFQT score. The AFQT score determines whether you’re qualified to join the service of your choice. (Turn to Chapter 2 for the minimum qualifying scores for each service.)
Here are the four subtests that make up your AFQT score:
  • Arithmetic Reasoning: The Arithmetic Reasoning subtest consists of math word problems. The subtest is multiple-choice. On the computerized-adaptive test (the CAT version or CAT-ASVAB), which most applicants take, you get 39 minutes to correctly solve 16 questions. If you’re taking the paper version, you get 36 minutes solve as many of the 30 problems as you can. Chapter 11 leads you step-by-step through solving math word problems. Take a look at Chapter 12 for some tips on doing well on this subtest.
  • Word Knowledge: The Word Knowledge subtest is a vocabulary test, plain and simple. You have to find words that are “closest in meaning” or “most opposite in meaning” to underlined words in the question stem. You have to define 16 words in 8 minutes on the CAT-ASVAB or define 35 words in 11 minutes on the paper version. You can boost your vocabulary knowledge by following the advice in Chapter 5 and get an idea of what the subtest is all about in Chapter 6.
  • Paragraph Comprehension: The Paragraph Comprehension subtest requires you to read a paragraph and then answer one to four questions about information contained in that paragraph. The computerized version has 11 questions in all, and you’re expected to complete the subtest in 22 minutes; the paper version has 15 questions you have to power through in 13 minutes. Chapter 7 can help you sharpen your reading comprehension skills, and you can get a little practice with the P...

Table of contents

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