Robot Framework Test Automation
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Robot Framework Test Automation

Sumit Bisht

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eBook - ePub

Robot Framework Test Automation

Sumit Bisht

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Testing has traditionally been a part of software development, and has always involved a lot of manual effort. It can be automated with Robot Framework, which offers numerous benefits from cost saving to increased quality assurance in the software delivery. This book will help you to start designing test suites and Automated Acceptance Tests.

Helping you to get started with automating acceptance tests, this book will provide a detailed overview of acceptance test management practices and principles. You will also be introduced to advanced techniques that you can use to customize the test suite, along with helpful tips and tricks to extend and leverage it in a wide variety of scenarios.

Starting with a detailed explanation of the need for automated acceptance test driven development, this guide will help you with an empty test project creation and execution for proof of concept, and validation of installation. This book will also cover the Robot Framework in detail, and will help you test desktop applications using Java Swing. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of tricky activities, such as setting up a test environment and using it with Selenium.

You will also learn about other popular libraries, and how to test network protocols, web services, and databases. This book will cover the entire Robot Framework with real- world practical material to make its content informative and interesting.

By the end of this book you will be able to write acceptance tests for desktop and web applications, as well as know how to extend acceptance testing in other scenarios that are commonly devoid of tests, and present the results appropriately.


Written in an engaging, easy-to-follow style, this practical guide will teach you to create test suites and automated acceptance Tests with the Robot Framework.

Who this book is for

If you are an automation engineer, QA engineer, developer or tester who is looking to get started with Robot Framework, as well as find a standardized testing solution, this book is ideal for you. No prior knowledge of Robot Framework or acceptance testing is required, although a basic knowledge of Python is required for few sections of the book.

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Robot Framework Test Automation

Table of Contents

Robot Framework Test Automation
About the Author
About the Reviewers
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What this book covers
What you need for this book
Who this book is for
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Downloading the example code
1. Getting Started with the Robot Framework
The need for acceptance testing
Pinpoint application failure
Reducing the error rate
Providing automation and re-use
Creating the a test audit trail
What is the Robot Framework?
The Robot Framework ecosystem
Installing and setting up the Robot Framework
Source installation
One-click graphical installer
Java environment installation
The Python package installation
Support for different runtimes
Command details
A small exercise
2. Configuring a Test Project
Test naming conventions
Creating an execution order
Test randomization
Test file structure
HTML format
TSV format
Plaintext format
Pipe-separated format
Restructured text format
Test configuration files
Suite initialization files
External variable files
Python/Java files containing variables
Resource files
Test setup and teardown
3. Further Test Customization
Automation and agile
Internal re-use
Loops and flow control
Flow control
Breaking off without finishing
Feeding external data
Performing a set of tasks repeatedly within a test
Application in test automation
Higher order re-use
User keywords
Test templates
User libraries
Approaches towards writing tests
Keyboard-driven tests
Data-driven tests
Behavior-driven tests
Behavior-driven development
BDD using the Robot Framework
Standard libraries
Operating System
Remote test execution
4. Extending the Framework
Testing the web applications
The Robot Framework Selenium library
Running web-based tests
Using the Selenium2Library
Debugging through the REPL shell
Testing desktop applications
Testing through objects – Java Swing
A Swing test
Testing through images
Creating a custom Sikuli library
Other noteworthy libraries
Testing network protocols
Testing the web services
Testing the database
5. Generating Reports
The need for reports
Quick-test run assessment
Result comparison
Individual result detailing
Intelligent assessment
Generated files
Output structure
Summary information
Test statistics
Test details
Test execution log
Test coloring information
Separating files
Making changes in outputs
Customizing the report title
Background color customization
Changing how much is logged
Changing the report format
Creating derived reports
Recreating reports
Viewing differences
Further result usage

Robot Framework Test Automation

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Sumit Bisht
Syed Mohd Mohsin Akhtar
Ismo Aro
Acquisition Editor
Pramila Balan
Commissioning Editor
Mohammed Fahad
Technical Editors
Dipika Gaonkar
Mrunmayee Patil
Sonali Vernekar
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Abhinash Sahu
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Melwyn D'sa

About the Author

Sumit Bisht currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at a software service outsourcing firm. He has experience in both project and product-based companies and has done Masters in Computer Applications in addition to self-taught learning as part of his learning process towards making computers work. He has keen interests in leveraging various open source technologies for developing better software, considers himself a polyglot programmer and has experience working with different programming. While not working, he devotes his time in learning new researches and technologies, reviewing technical books on a wide variety of topics, sharing interesting information, and evangelizing open source philosophy through his blog,

About the Reviewers

Syed Mohd Mohsin Akhtar is a Software Engineer (R&D) at Encardio-Rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow, India. He received his M.C.A.(Hons.) from GBTU, India and eventually earned his spot as Software Engineer at DataBorough India a research subsidiary of DataBorough UK. He also has a specialized degree in Computer Maintenance from Aligarh Muslim University, India. He has been a Microsoft Student Partner, member OSUM (Open Source University Meetup), and an active member within several technical forums in his college days. ...


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