How To Make More Money
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How To Make More Money

Negotiate Wage & Salary, Demand Salary Increase [Templates Checklists Guideline]

Simone Janson, Simone Janson, Simone Janson

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eBook - ePub

How To Make More Money

Negotiate Wage & Salary, Demand Salary Increase [Templates Checklists Guideline]

Simone Janson, Simone Janson, Simone Janson

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In the 4th, completely revised edition of this groundbreaking guide, published by an award-winning publisher, renowned experts (overview in the book preview) combine their knowledge with interactive AI. This unique combination of decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology enables you to master challenges on a whole new level. Thanks to the innovative transfer of information, complemented by personal experiences of success, you can realize your goals and reach your full potential. Because everyone wants to earn more money, but this book shows you the way to get there: You will learn how to use the Pay Transparency Act, further education or fringe benefits to your advantage, score points with the right arguments in the decisive salary discussion and convince your boss that you are worth the salary increase. For its concept "Information as Desired, " the publisher won the Global Business Award as Publisher of the Year and received government funding. It is also a partner of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany. The goal to give you the best possible content on topics such as career, finance, management, recruiting, or psychology goes far beyond the static nature of traditional books: The interactive AI Extended Books not only provide AI-optimized content in several languages based on data analysis but also allow you to ask individual questions and receive advice tailored to your personal interests. Each book contains detailed information and examples for your successful use of AI. You can utilize AI software for free, download e-courses, collaborate with workbooks, or engage with an active community. So you gain valuable resources that enhance your knowledge, stimulate creativity, and make your personal and professional goals achievable and tangible. Expertise and technical innovation go hand in hand, as we take the responsibility to deliver well-researched and informed content seriously, honoring the trust you place in us. Due to the unique combination of human expertise and innovation, we can publish works that meet your requirements in every aspect. And furthermore, we want to offer you the opportunity to make your journey towards personal growth and success even more unforgettable. We understand that true change occurs not just in the mind but primarily through personal experiences and application. Therefore, we've conceptualized special success journey experiences tailored to each book for you. Be inspired to elevate your life to an entirely new level. By purchasing the books, you can also do good: The publisher dedicates about 5 percent of book sales revenue to socially relevant or sustainable projects. We provide scholarships, support innovative ideas, and contribute to climate protection initiatives. Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and one of the top 10 influential German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index. Additionally, she has been a columnist and author for renowned media outlets such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche, or ZEIT - more about her can be found, among other places, on Wikipedia.

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5 cons of more responsibility, career and salary: dead end carriage
// By Tanja Merkens

Promotion and career bring more money? We analyzed the salary data of selected occupational groups for you, which clarify from the employee as well as the personnel perspective: not always more responsibility must be an advantage.

More work satisfaction due to higher salary?

Work satisfaction and motivation are usually associated with the level of salary and the value assessment experienced in everyday life by supervisors and colleagues. The amount of the salary is usually understood as a recognition of the performance and should increase continuously through professional experience, job changes as well as concrete successes over the years.
As far as idealism is concerned, there are also good reasons to question this expectation. Both from the perspective of the workforce and the employee's perspective, there can be comprehensible reasons to think twice about a promotion. Thus, there are some professional groups whose career structure offers little salary in the lower and middle range, and are usually stalled after a career gap.

Selected professional examples

The following table presents the salary data of selected occupational groups, which show a dilemma in the employment biography, both from the perspective of the employees and the staff: the tension between transport, increase in responsibility and salary.
In the selected professions, the first level was chosen with professional and / or disciplinary personnel responsibilities to illuminate the real salary advantage. The call centers, care and education as well as gastronomy provide the basis for further consideration. The salary data are from the past 12 months and were provided by the Compensation Partner compensation committee:
Job Title: Median annual salary: monthly. Plus:
Team Leader Call Center 27.768 € 2.314 € 504 €
call center agent 21.720 € 1.810 €
deputy head 36.168 € 3.014 € 514 €
Educator daycare 30.000 € 2.500 €
Deputy Head of Department 38.634 € 3.219 € 411 €
Nurse / nurses 33.701 € 2.808 €
Laundry line 30.791 € 2.565 € 639 €
Housekeeper / in 23.117 € 1.926 €
restaurant manager 26.400 € 2.200 € 422 €
Restaurant / -frau 21.337 € 1.778 €

The employee perspective

A team leader position is to be filled and the boss has already someone in the visor, which would fit well. What at first sounds very flattering to the chosen one, however, can, on closer examination, bring more disadvantages than advantages. In all five occupational groups, the next highest level of management assumes overall responsibility for day-to-day business and must help out or step in in the event of a staff shortage.
All professions have in common that high quality standards in the form of health regulations or certifications must be observed and these are sometimes very costly documented. In the case of misconduct or a breach by employees, the lower management level is initially held responsible.

5 disadvantages of more responsibility, career and salary

  1. What many do not consider: More responsibility often means more overtime. Accountability, fluctuation, achievement of the management's goals, which must be met, and many other requirements can be enumerated when the increase in responsibility is considered in its entirety. This increases the stress factor, on the other hand, it also means more work. Often, a willingness to work overtime is assumed, which can be regarded as compensated by the salary levy.
  2. To move out and live well? From the employee's perspective, this can make sense, because many times a new job title is associated with a strong time commitment and an emotional investment, without the salary being equated to the relevant extent.
  3. Financially particularly negative, it can be for the restaurant manager, according to the Compensation partner only a plus of monthly gross 422 € and usually no more tip gets. This example is, however, also a special one since this position is the only one that often provides a switch for the change to self-employment. This financially unsatisfactory situation is often accepted because it serves a further career step.
  4. A second career jump with a significant salary increase is not really provided for in many other examples, so can the curious case occur that a teacher with many years of professional experience has a better merit than a social worker in a managerial capacity. Their salary is determined not only by more responsibility, but also by the number of children / facility area to be supervised.
  5. Sometimes the knocking out of a promotion or the conscious decision not to send an internal application can serve the career far more. The liberalized training market offers a large number of opportunities to qualify for extra occupational training, in order to then raise the professional experience from daily business to a new (salary) level.

From superiors perspective

The motives for a promoted promotion can be quite different, even if the main reason is clear: the shop should run and the employee relieve the boss. Nevertheless, a responsible handling of a promotion should take place.
A big risk is to "burn up" on a post. Not infrequently, potential candidates draw attention to themselves, which show a high work performance under a strong time commitment. In itself a desirable feature - but lacking in concrete knowledge for the performance of the tasks, the excessive demand is inevitable.

Employees gently build up instead of burning?

A solid training and support should be a matter of course, but the boss can give preference to the candidate with more composure - even if this is not the top performer of the team. Because someone who "overturns" permanently, will be difficult to survive the long career drought on a responsibility level.
On the other hand, it would be best to build up a promising employee with care. A sophisticated talent management does not necessarily exist. Recognition and qualification can go hand in hand, if a superior thinks about Jobenrichment, offers participation in project work or even grants exemptions for further education.
The worry that money invested in the employee migrates with this is not to be swept aside, but permanently no alternative, if job satisfaction, performance and expectations of a reasonable salary development to be balanced.

Salary increase only by changing jobs: knowledge gap and fair salary
// by Fritzi Roth

More than every second employee in Germany believes that only a change of job can significantly increase their salary. The reason for this is that in most companies, transparency is not a major issue. Although most workers would wish to better understand what pay is fair and fair as a recent study shows.

7 by 10 employees lacks transparency in the company

The salary of colleagues is a taboo topic in Germany. Only about one in four employees in Germany (28 percent) indicates that salaries are disclosed internally within their company. Most, however, are in the dark. This is shown by the results of the international study Glassdoor Global Salary Transparency Survey, in which more than 8.000 employees from seven Western nations were interviewed on the subject of salary transparency.
Compared to the other countries, Germany is in the last third and just ahead of Switzerland, where only 25 percent of the employees know about the salary of their colleagues. The majority of the working population in Germany would want (69 per cent) to better understand which salary is customary in the market - as measured by their own competencies, taking their job, company and industry into account.

Every second sees job change as the only chance for salary increases

The uncertainty seems to be primarily affecting ambitious middle-aged workers - and not exactly in the sense of the employer: 64 percent of the 35 to 54-year-olds believe that they can only increase their salary by switching to another company.
Across all age groups this is still the case for more than one employee (57 per cent). A lack of transparency can have a significant impact on whether employees are looking elsewhere on the labor market.

Knowledge gap in the field of content transparency

Especially for women, it is difficult to classify their own market value. The results reveal that only 38 percent of women are informed about the payment of the employees at the various hierarchical levels. By comparison, in the case of men, every second person is given the opportunity to have a good understanding of the payment of the colleagues at the various hierarchical levels at his employer.
An open attitude on the part of employers would have a positive effect on the business. Around two thirds of employees believe that transparent salaries increase employee satisfaction (62 percent) and boost business (65 percent).

Satisfied employees remain in the company

The message to employers is clear: salary information should not be tabooed.
Companies that provide a better understanding of fair pay and the development potential of salaries at different hierarchical levels are encouraging the commitment of employees. And these tend to tend to remain faithful to the company.

5 Tips for more salary thanks to continuing education: How much MBA, specialist or master letter?
// By Simone Janson

There are many training courses on Best of HR -® Find the right education and offer themselves e-learning courses at. But what do further training actually bring? A recent study shows: Much!

Further education successes in Heller and Pfennig

The good news is: The success of forwarding can be quantified in Heller und Pfennig, or in Euro and Cent.
In order to find out how much further training really brings, Vergleich Portal evaluated 87.214 compensation data from the last 12 months for this purpose and determined the salary differences of employees with and without additional training.

Training pays off in the long term

Master craftsmen, general practitioners as well as tax consultants, banks and craftsmen were considered. Bachelor's, Master's and MBA's graduates were studied for academics.
The result: Additional qualifications pay off in the long term. However, anyone who calculates an immediate increase in salary immediately after further education is often disappointed: additional qualifications do not always pay off immediately, but rather the salary increases gradually from time to time.

5 Tips for more salary thanks to further education

  1. Master Teaching: The salary after completion of training is on average 36.200 Euro. If you continue your education and then hire a specialist or master title, you ca...


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