Arduino Book for Beginners
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Arduino Book for Beginners

Mike Cheich

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eBook - ePub

Arduino Book for Beginners

Mike Cheich

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The Arduino platform is great because it allows anyone with a desire to build awesome things the ability to easily create a prototype using a subset of C and C++ programming and specific Arduino functions.

The Arduino Book for Beginners is a tutorial style collection of lessons designed to be simple and easy to follow which uses only the most relevant circuits and programs and assumes nothing about your prior electronics or programming experience.

The book also comes with access to over 15 supplemental video lessons to help drive home concepts. These supplemental video lessons are pulled from training at Programming Electronics Academy, the premiere online training website for learning to program Arduino.

What you will Learn:

  • How to program your Arduino...from variables to arrays, for loops and if statements
  • How to make your Arduino respond to sensors
  • How to communicate to your computer with the Arduino
  • How to build teleporters, levitating fortresses and nuclear reactors (maybe a stretch...)

This book covers the most useful, enlightening and simplest examples to get you started on the road to hacking just about anything.

What to Expect:

  • Step-by-step instructions to walk you through building circuits and programming your Arduino
  • Each line of code in the programs are discussed to maximize your understanding of the fundamentals
  • Repetition of the basic programming building blocks are used to increase your retention of the material
  • Only a handful of additional parts are necessary to complete the course lessons, many of which are reused from lesson to lesson, reducing your investment in learning how to use Arduino
  • The simple building blocks you learn will be put together to build more complex examples

Get Started Now:

There is no better time to jump in then now! The Arduino community is vibrant and growing.

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Computer Science
Programming in C

Downloading and Installing the Arduino IDE:


  1. Installation of Arduino software is relatively simple.
  2. The most up-to-date installation information is available at the Arduino “Getting Started” webpage.
One of the absolute best things about the Arduino platform is how easy it is to get started. The software that is installed on your computer is completely free and designed specifically for ease of use. The program is called an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE. The fancy name might intimidate you but it runs just like a text editing program.
As with any software install, you may have some peculiar things working on your computer that can hinder a smooth installation. I have loaded the Arduino several times on different operating systems and have had few problems. Once or twice I had to re-download the zip file that contains the Arduino IDE, because some how or other it got messed up during the download process. You may have to install drivers yourself for your Arduino board – this turns out to be fairly easy and is clearly explained on the website.
To provide you with the most accurate and up to date information about downloading and installing the Arduino IDE, I defer to the Arduino “Getting Started” page.
They have done such a clear and concise job of describing the process, I see no reason to repeat it here.


View these on the Programming Electronics Academy training portal.
  • Download and Install the IDE - PC
  • Download and Install the IDE - macOS
  • Tinkercad Arduino Simulator

Arduino Board Overview


  1. The core technology of most Arduino boards is the Atmel ATmega 328 microcontroller.
  2. Your Arduino board is resilient to shock, but don’t touch it after walking across a shag carpet while petting your cat Fifi.
  3. Most Arduino boards include an on board LED at digital pin 13.
What are all the components on that aesthetically pleasing blue circuit board? What does GND stand for? ...


  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Dedication
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Online Resources
  7. Introduction
  8. Main Content
  9. Afterword
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