Concepts in Wildlife Management 3rd Revised and Enlarged Edn
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Concepts in Wildlife Management 3rd Revised and Enlarged Edn

Hosetti, B B

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eBook - PDF

Concepts in Wildlife Management 3rd Revised and Enlarged Edn

Hosetti, B B

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India is the seventh largest country and Asia's second most populous country with an area of 3, 387, 263 km-2. It Possesses diverse climatic regions and habitats. Though India became independent six decades ago, still we are unable to document and manage our wildlife resources. Presently most of the literature on wildlife is avilable in the form of few books and monogaphs which are mainly related to European and African wild life. Good number of workers are involved in the study of wildlife of India, and these persons work for their specific research projects, and it is degree oriented, many time they do not visit field or they rely on secondary data or only depend on their project fellows information. Such studies will not give true picture about the ground reality, specially it is true about studies on Avifauna. Presently there are six Institutes in India which offer M Sc in wild life. Most of these students suffer from non avilability of books and relevant information. Now a days study on wild life has been tagged with eco-toruism concept, which become an attractive tool to invite tourists and hence to earn income. An attempt is made in this book to provide all the important information on wildlife. In addition to those the chapters of II edition, the III edition has been revised and four new chapters are incorporated. This book is a rare source of wide information on wild resources. This title embodies 25 chapters on various aspects of wild life of India. Chapter first, begins with the knowledge on Wildlife Conservation and management. It was followed by Endangered flora and fauna; Extinction of organisms; Special conservation schemas for critically endangered species; Management of range lands; Wildlife reserves; Zoos and parks; Wetland birds; Asian water fowls census; Ramsar wetlands; Birds migration; Biodiversity; Theories of biodiversity; Zoo geography; Wildlife diseases; Remote sensing and wildlife; Wildlife crimes; protection act 1972; Protection schedules; Wildlife crimes; Indian NGO's; National and State plant, animal and flower; and this book closes by an important topic on Environmental impect assessments and waste auditing. This edition is prepared to cater the needs of all the graduates and post graduates courses of Indian universities, Forest officials, NGO's and wildlife lovers as well. if this book is able to create interest and awareness to some extent among common public about wild resources, then I fell my efforts have started gaining dividends.

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