Lights Out
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Lights Out

Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric

Thomas Gryta,Ted Mann

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eBook - ePub

Lights Out

Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric

Thomas Gryta,Ted Mann

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"If you're in any kind of leadership role—whether at a company, a non-profit, or somewhere else—there's a lot you can learn here."—Bill Gates, Gates Notes How could General Electric—perhaps America's most iconic corporation—suffersuch a swift and sudden fall from grace? This is the definitive history of General Electric's epic decline, as told by the two Wall Street Journal reporters who covered its fall. Since its founding in 1892, GE has been more than just a corporation. For generations, it was job security, a solidly safe investment, and an elite business education for top managers. GEelectrified America, powering everythingfrom lightbulbstoturbines, and became fully integrated into the American societal mindset as few companies ever had. And after two decades of leadership under legendary CEO Jack Welch, GE entered the twenty-first century as America's most valuable corporation. Yet, fewer than two decades later, the GE of old was gone. ? Lights Out examines how Welch's handpicked successor, Jeff Immelt, tried to fix flaws in Welch's profit machine, while stumbling headlong into mistakes of his own. In the end, GE's traditional win-at-all-costs driven culture seemed to lose its direction, which ultimately caused the company's decline on both a personal and organizational scale. Lights Out details how one of America's all-time great companies has been reduced to a cautionary tale for our times.

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Allen, Andrea, 26
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  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Off a Cliff
  6. The Meatball
  7. Neutron Jack
  8. Big Jeff
  9. The Race
  10. Make Some Noise
  11. The Edison Conduit
  12. Senioritis
  13. Last Call
  14. Buying and Selling
  15. Imagination at Work
  16. Time to Go Big
  17. Higher Returns
  18. Applied Mathematics
  19. Size Doesn’t Matter
  20. The Screwup
  21. Enter the Bear
  22. Paper Jam
  23. Suspenders on Suspenders
  24. Circle the Wagons
  25. Kabletown
  26. No Other Way
  27. Green Is Green
  28. Palate Cleanser
  29. The Quarry
  30. New Lieutenant
  31. Playing Startup
  32. Cowboys into Farmers
  33. Project Hubble
  34. The Chop Shop
  35. Big Bets
  36. Dinner in Paris
  37. One Day in Chicago
  38. A Modest Proposal
  39. “We Know What We’re Doing”
  40. Buy High
  41. The Problem with Owen’s Hammer
  42. “I Don’t Even Know What We’re Selling”
  43. Jeff’s Deal
  44. Closing Costs
  45. An Unexpected Guest
  46. The Candy Factory
  47. Your People Don’t Want It Bad Enough
  48. Making Adjustments
  49. Back Bay Deal
  50. Managing Power
  51. Unmovable Target
  52. The New Guy
  53. Behind the Curtain
  54. Triage
  55. Cleaning House
  56. Conservatively Calculated
  57. A Reset Year
  58. A Bill Comes Due
  59. Asleep at the Switch
  60. “Managing in a Broader Sense”
  61. A Midstream Change
  62. Epilogue: “Jeff Is a Friend”
  63. Afterword
  64. Acknowledgments
  65. Notes
  66. Bibliography
  67. Index
  68. About the Authors
  69. Connect on Social Media
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