The Curious World of Seahorses
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The Curious World of Seahorses

The Life and Lore of a Marine Marvel

Till Hein, Renée Von Paschen

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eBook - ePub

The Curious World of Seahorses

The Life and Lore of a Marine Marvel

Till Hein, Renée Von Paschen

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With the whimsy and heart of The Soul of an Octopus and the surprising details of the very best science writing, The Curious World of Seahorses brilliantly captures the ocean's most charismatic and mysterious inhabitant. "When God created the seahorse, " says one marine biologist, "he may have had one too many."Of all the creatures in the ocean, there are none more charming and magical—or more strange—than the seahorses. Masters of disguise, graceful dancers, and romantic lovers, seahorses are found not only in the seagrass meadows and mangroves of the world, but also throughout the annals of human history and culture—surfacing everywhere from chess and Greek mythology to Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Pokémon games.Equipped with a pouch like a kangaroo, a long snout like an anteater, and complete with a crown unique as a human fingerprint, the seahorse defies easy categorization. The only fish to swim in an upright position, seahorses are terrible swimmers, but they make up for it with an incredible talent for holding onto seagrass or coral. They have no stomach or teeth—only intestines. Most seahorses are monogamous, and meet with their life partner every few weeks to perform a dance that can last up to nine hours. The most unique aspect of the seahorse is their reproductive cycle, as it is the male of the species who becomes pregnant. In this entertaining and informative book, science writer Till Hein shares the most tantalizing findings from the world of seahorses, and the role they have played in human culture. He reveals their secrets, from their intriguing biological features and hunting strategy to their use in medicine throughout history, their appearances in Greek and Celtic mythology, and even the medieval belief that they descended from dragons.Endlessly fascinating and charmingly approachable, The Curious World of Seahorses will captivate any reader looking to learn more about one of the most incredible creatures on Earth.

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  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Prologue: The Great Individualists of the Seas
  5. 1. Seahorse Whisperer: The Aquarium Keeper in Germany
  6. 2. Rainbow Creatures: Why Tail Fins Are Overrated
  7. 3. How It All Began: Finding the Primeval Seahorse
  8. 4. Bringing Up Baby: Stages of Life, Favorite Hangouts, and Mobility
  9. 5. How Much Horsepower Does Poseidon’s Chariot Have?: Myth and Popular Culture
  10. 6. Lazybones Are Good Hunters: The Stealth Trick
  11. 7. Chatting: Why Seahorses Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut
  12. 8. Underwater Ballet: Love, Sex, and Partnership
  13. 9. William Is in Labor Again: The Mystery of Male Pregnancy
  14. 10. What Makes a Man a Man?: Seahorses and Emancipation
  15. 11. Taxonomic Jungle: How Many Seahorse Species Are There?
  16. 12. My Friend the Seahorse: Aquarium Keeping
  17. 13. Viagra With Fins: The Seahorse as a Remedy
  18. 14. Learning From Seahorses: Robotics & Co.
  19. 15. Terminal Trawl?: The Human Threat
  20. 16. To the Refuge!: Protection
  21. 17. Workhorses: Seahorse Power to End the Crisis?
  22. 18. Of Giants and Dwarfs: A Guide to the Coolest Horses of the Sea
  23. Further Reading
  24. Special Thanks
  25. Index
  26. Copyright Page
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