Who Will Bury The Dead God?
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Who Will Bury The Dead God?

Ruman Neupane

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eBook - ePub

Who Will Bury The Dead God?

Ruman Neupane

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Imagine a man straddling both sides of good and evil, struggling to regain his balance. He clutches onto both aspects with his bewildered mind, pondering his own senses. As he stands there, his mind races with questions. What is the meaning of his existence? Why has he been placed in this moment, at this time, with these thoughts and feelings? Is there a purpose to his life, or is it all just a random series of events? 'I know God smells terribly bad, and I'm ready to bury him deep in the ground. But is this really the right thing to do? Is there a better solution? Should I try to make the smell more bearable, or is this the only course of action? I'm torn between doing what's best for God and the reality of the situation, ' he thinks.Has he fallen into the river of dilemma and been washed away from his suffering? Will this man unravel the mystery of his existence, or will he be swallowed up by the abyss of his own mind?

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  1. Who Will Bury The Dead God?
  2. About the Author
  3. Dedication
  4. Copyright Information ©
  5. Foreword
  6. Prelude
  7. 1. What Else Is Coming
  8. 2. Gallantry of Madness
  9. 3. Who Gathers the Edge of Truths
  10. 4. Elan Vital: What Keeps Me Alive—Soul or the Last Part of Me?
  11. 5. Lilly and the Monet
  12. 6. How to Philosophise with No Hammer
  13. 7. Longing to the End of the Stage
  14. 8. Madmen of Time Beyond
  15. 9. Avyakt
  16. 10. The Society
  17. 11. Weather, Sky, and Genealogy of the Avadhūta
  18. 12. The Future of Destination
  19. 13. Neighbours’ Knowledge
  20. 14. By the Traditions of Greatness in History
  21. 15. The Madness of the Poem
  22. 16. Troubled Mind and Faith in ‘Everything’
  23. 17. Dust to Dust
  24. 18. Sages of Humanity
  25. 19. The Lost Miracle of Philosophy
  26. 20. Sex at Eventide and the Verse of the Vedas
  27. 21. Prejudice of Artists
  28. 22. When Have You Become Paltry, or the Philosophy of De-Kaizen?
  29. 23. Puer Aeternus: But I Died Young
  30. 24. Who Will Bury the Dead God?
  31. 25. Dark Inside Dark
  32. 26. Music of the Past
  33. 27. Death and Treasure of the ‘Knowledge’
  34. 28. The Burning Firmament and the Free Soul
  35. 29. Someone Digs Up Your Nihilism
  36. 30. What If My Skull Was Made of Candy?
  37. 31. Searching for Abyss to Die
  38. 32. Born Hard and Die Soft
  39. 33. You Are the Screaming Ocean!
  40. 34. The Poems of Dead
  41. 35. Non-God, Avyakt
  42. 36. Existential Nausea
  43. 37. Passions of False Religion
  44. 38. Gyeltsen and His Final Solitude for Wisdom
  45. 39. Epilogue on Modern Morality: Who Will Bury the Dead God?