Python Data Science Essentials
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Python Data Science Essentials

Alberto Boschetti, Luca Massaron

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eBook - ePub

Python Data Science Essentials

Alberto Boschetti, Luca Massaron

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About This Book

  • Quickly get familiar with data science using Python
  • Save tons of time through this reference book with all the essential tools illustrated and explained
  • Create effective data science projects and avoid common pitfalls with the help of examples and hints dictated by experience

Who This Book Is For

If you are an aspiring data scientist and you have at least a working knowledge of data analysis and Python, this book will get you started in data science. Data analysts with experience of R or MATLAB will also find the book to be a comprehensive reference to enhance their data manipulation and machine learning skills.

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Python Data Science Essentials

Table of Contents

Python Data Science Essentials
About the Authors
About the Reviewers
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What this book covers
What you need for this book
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Downloading the example code
1. First Steps
Introducing data science and Python
Installing Python
Python 2 or Python 3?
Step-by-step installation
A glance at the essential Python packages
Beautiful Soup
The installation of packages
Package upgrades
Scientific distributions
Enthought Canopy
Introducing IPython
The IPython Notebook
Datasets and code used in the book
Scikit-learn toy datasets
The public repository
LIBSVM data examples
Loading data directly from CSV or text files
Scikit-learn sample generators
2. Data Munging
The data science process
Data loading and preprocessing with pandas
Fast and easy data loading
Dealing with problematic data
Dealing with big datasets
Accessing other data formats
Data preprocessing
Data selection
Working with categorical and textual data
A special type of data – text
Data processing with NumPy
NumPy's n-dimensional array
The basics of NumPy ndarray objects
Creating NumPy arrays
From lists to unidimensional arrays
Controlling the memory size
Heterogeneous lists
From lists to multidimensional arrays
Resizing arrays
Arrays derived from NumPy functions
Getting an array directly from a file
Extracting data from pandas
NumPy fast operation and computations
Matrix operations
Slicing and indexing with NumPy arrays
Stacking NumPy arrays
3. The Data Science Pipeline
Introducing EDA
Feature creation
Dimensionality reduction
The covariance matrix
Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
A variation of PCA for big data – RandomizedPCA
Latent Factor Analysis (LFA)
Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
Latent Semantical Analysis (LSA)
Independent Component Analysis (ICA)
Kernel PCA
Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)
The detection and treatment of outliers
Univariate outlier detection
Scoring functions
Multilabel classification
Binary classification
Testing and validating
Using cross-validation iterators
Sampling and bootstrapping
Hyper-parameters' optimization
Building custom scoring functions
Reducing the grid search runtime
Feature selection
Univariate selection
Recursive elimination
Stability and L1-based selection
4. Machine Learning
Linear and logistic regression
Naive Bayes
The k-Nearest Neighbors
Advanced nonlinear algorithms
SVM for classification
SVM for regression
Tuning SVM
Ensemble strategies
Pasting by random samples
Bagging with weak ensembles
Random Subspaces and Random Patches
Sequences of models – AdaBoost
Gradient tree boosting (GTB)
Dealing with big data
Creating some big datasets as examples
Scalability with volume
Keeping up with velocity
Dealing with variety
A quick overview of Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD)
A peek into Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Word tokenization
Word Tagging
Named Entity Recognition (NER)
A complete data science example – text classification
An overview of unsupervised learning
5. Social Network Analysis
Introduction to graph theory
Graph algorithms
Graph loading, dumping, and sampling
6. Visualization
Introducing the basics of matplotlib
Curve plotting
Using panels
Bar graphs
Image visualization
Selected graphical examples with pandas
Boxplots and histograms
Parallel coordinates
Advanced data learning representation
Learning curves
Validation curves
Feature importance
GBT partial dependence plot

Python Data Science Essentials

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Alberto Boschetti
Luca Massaron
Robert Dempsey
Daniel Frimer
Kevin Markham
Alberto Gonzalez Paje
Bastiaan Sjardin
Michele Usuelli
Zacharias Voulgaris, PhD
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About the Authors

Alberto Boschetti is a data scientist with expertise in signal processing and stat...

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