The Nonexistent Knight
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The Nonexistent Knight

Italo Calvino

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eBook - ePub

The Nonexistent Knight

Italo Calvino

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An empty suit of armor is the hero of this witty novella set in the Early Middle Ages by the acclaimed author of If on a Winter's Night a Traveler. As a paladin in the court of Charlemagne, Agilulf is the very embodiment of valor and dedication to duty—but he is also a gleaming white suit of armor with nothing inside it. While he has stolen the heart of the female knight Bradamante, she in turn is loved by the young adventurer Rambaldo. When a challenge to Agilulf's honor sends him on an expedition through France, England, and North Africa, Brandamante and Ramaldo follow close behind. Narrated by a nun with her own secrets to keep, this beloved novella explores the absurdities of medieval knighthood in a series of plot twists that are "executed with brilliance and brio" ( Chicago Tribune ).

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Beneath the red ramparts of Paris the army of France lay marshaled. Charlemagne was due to review his paladins. They had already been waiting for more than three hours. It was hot, an early summer afternoon, misty, a bit cloudy. Inside their armor, the men were steaming. Perhaps one or two in that motionless row of knights went off in a daze or a doze, but the armor kept them stiff in their saddles. Suddenly there were three trumpet calls. Plumes on charges swayed in the still air as if at a gust of wind, and silence replaced a surflike sound which must have come from the warriors snoring inside the metal throats of their helmets. Finally, from the end of the line, came Charlemagne, on a horse that looked larger than life, beard resting on his chest, and hands on the pommel of his saddle. With all his warring and ruling, ruling and warring, he seemed slightly aged since the last time those warriors had seen him.


Night, for armies in the field, is as well ordered as the starry sky: guard duty, sentry go, patrols. All the rest—the constant confusion of an army in war, the daily bustle in which the unexpected can suddenly start up like a restive horse—was now quiet, for sleep had conquered all the warriors and quadrupeds of the Christian array, the latter standing in rows, at times pawing a hoof or letting out a brief whinny or bray, the former finally loosed from helmets and cuirasses, snoring away, content at being distinct and differentiated human beings once again.

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