System Innovation for a World in Transition
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System Innovation for a World in Transition

Applied System Innovation IX. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Applied System Innovation 2023 (ICASI 2023), Chiba, Japan, 21-25 April 2023

Artde Donald Kin-Tak Lam,Stephen D Prior,Siu-Tsen Shen,Sheng-Joue Young,Liang-Wen Ji

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eBook - ePub

System Innovation for a World in Transition

Applied System Innovation IX. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Applied System Innovation 2023 (ICASI 2023), Chiba, Japan, 21-25 April 2023

Artde Donald Kin-Tak Lam,Stephen D Prior,Siu-Tsen Shen,Sheng-Joue Young,Liang-Wen Ji

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System Innovation for a World in Transition: Applied System Innovation IX, includes the contributions presented at the IEEE 9th International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI 2023, Chiba, Japan, 21-25 April 2023). The conference received more than 600 submitted papers from 12 different countries, whereby roughly one quarter of these papers was selected to present at ICASI 2023. The book aims to provide an integrated communication platform for researchers from a wide range of topics including information technology, communication science, applied mathematics, computer science, advanced material science, and engineering. Hopefully, it will enhance interdisciplinary collaborations between science and engineering technologists in the fields of academics and related industries.

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  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Series Page
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright Page
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Editorial Board
  9. Stackable band pass filter: A numerical simulation
  10. Effect of brinewater curing on the compressive strength of concrete incorporating high-volume fly ash/blast furnace slag
  11. Correlation analysis of the online courses video style and video watching rate
  12. The effect of graphene oxide-polyvinyl alcohol (GO-PVA) on insulin detection
  13. Greener thermal insulation material production of foam glass from bottle glass using silicon cutting waste as a foaming agent
  14. Development and application of clay sculpture cultural relics cleaning materials – take room temperature ionic molten salt and self-made gel as examples
  15. The effect of heat treatment and rapid drying on the adhesion of oriental lacquer
  16. Resource allocation and client association in mmWave 5G networks using stochastic geometry
  17. Progressive image feature matching based on vector field consensus
  18. An energy consumption estimation method for Linux-based embedded real-time systems
  19. Semi-quantum private comparison protocol with graph state
  20. Implementation of TISM and fuzzy MICMAC analysis in Jupyter notebook with Python
  21. Alpha-boost: A fast algorithm for mining workflow nets
  22. Application effects of AI text mining and ChatGPT as a content analysis for developmental trends in leisure and recreation industries
  23. Semi-supervised cyber-attack detection for industrial control system of water storage
  24. Development of an interactive surgical robot training system
  25. Guidance assistance control of upper-limb exoskeleton robot using EMG signal
  26. The transformation of 3D printing parameters under sustainable manufacturing
  27. Numerical analysis of using phononic crystal on quartz oscillators
  28. Research on the development and popular factors of short video—taking TikTok as an example
  29. A simulation framework for V2X autonomous vehicles based on cyber physical vehicle systems technologies
  30. The impact of digital networks on the shoe-buying process
  31. Virtual fashion brand IoT platform: A study of shopping architecture based on consumer demand
  32. Research on the application of digital visual art in the internet
  33. Paired domination in extended hypergrid graphs
  34. The Relationship between managerial optimism and the long-term operating performance of start-ups
  35. Discuss the development and the design of the cultural and creative products with visual elements of Tainan temple architecture and their application
  36. The influence of principles and elastic concepts existing in rituals on the inheritance of ceremonies—taking thanksgiving ceremony in Zhanghu village as an example
  37. Research on the empathy design of community long-term care – An example of Juren community in Beidou
  38. Interactive new media installations of the human-computer dynamic relationship
  39. Exploring the effect of peer assessment on lacquer art learners’ discussion promotion and motivation
  40. Introducing design thinking into university social responsibility program instruction: A case study of the local care practice program at national Formosa university
  41. Drawing as an influence to regulate mood
  42. Computer generated art: Exploring the application of artificial intelligence in digital art
  43. How to apply inundation potential maps in disaster drills
  44. HoloLens project for job teaching made for LeadWell CNC machines Mfg., Corp.
  45. Mobile learning use of smartphones in the post-pandemic era
  46. AR interactive auxiliary teaching software application-digital basketball basic movement teaching
  47. Design custom 3D VTuber avatar framework based on VRM
  48. Exploring the efficiency and usability of pet adoption website
  49. Research on the construction of unmanned store environment experience with Virtual Reality (VR)
  50. The invention of traditional children's folk game into virtual reality game: An example of Yunlin Re-toy House
  51. A bibliometric study of SDG 5 gender equality by using text mining methods
  52. Improving transportation industry corporate sustainability reporting effects based on a new hybrid fuzzy dynamic MRDM Model
  53. Integration of Gaussian process latent variable model in data envelopment analysis for advanced decision making process
  54. Do firm-level sustainability targets drive financial reporting quality?
  55. China's heterogenous equity and corporate investment efficiency
  56. Does privatization of state-owned enterprises matter for stock price synchronicity?
  57. An integrated data transformation, cluster determination, and data envelopment analysis for advanced decision making
  58. Survey on users‘ acceptance and intention of using ChatGPT
  59. A pose retrieval system based on skeleton contrastive learning
  60. Mortality prediction for total joint arthroplasty by machine learning
  61. Design and manufacture of a device that can capture particulate matter
  62. Design and build a device that can generate an ellipse
  63. Exploring the current status and future trends of batteries in Taiwan
  64. Stress, depression, and sleep management: Through an integrated smartphone application
  65. Application of concurrent design strategy to the design for assembly of flood gate
  66. Integration of flipped teaching into the professional practice courses of department of multimedia design with action research
  67. An analysis of innovative thinking of the color of Kuki Shuzo's Iki and chinese ink painting
  68. Study on the size of the intra-oral tongue pressure sensor for the elderly based on anthropometry
  69. A study on the strategies of integrating traditional chinese toad motifs into visual design
  70. Research on the construction of service design elements system for rural homestays
  71. Research on Lane Deviation Warning System
  72. The Design for efficient plastic element splitting
  73. Exploring the roles of Taiwan's Yuan-Li rush-weaving industry members in the cultural value chain
  74. A case study to discuss the sensibility and rationality of design: “SOUL” branding of lock's cultural and creative products as an example
  75. Nyanggit Nggathok patterned batik in clothing as an alternative to increasing production efficiency in the batik industry
  76. A study on the benefits of long-term care services setting community interaction spaces and service models
  77. A study of exploring the impact of academic misconduct to the society
  78. Establish personal information risk management in university
  79. Integrating design experience into local brand workshop teaching research: Taking Wanqiao Community, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County as an example
  80. Author index
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