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Read a variety of books

Perlego is an up and coming resource for reading academic and professional textbooks. Discover thousands of eBooks on our platform, build your own personal reading lists and open them in our simple online eReader.

Highlight and bookmark

Highlight and bookmark

With the use of digital highlighters and annotated bookmarks, you can personalise your books and study the way that suits you best.

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Ebooks are becoming a bedrock of the learning experience; intuitive, interactive, accessible and dynamic, they are changing the way that higher education and professional learning takes place. Our platform makes it possible for you to read books from a wide variety of subjects; discover and learn things outside your main area of study at no extra cost.



Since Perlego provides powerful search capabilities, the simple act of saving or annotating something, often with just one-click, will enable you to find it easily later. We also provide searching with subject categories and within the actual book.

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