The Interpretation of Dreams
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The Interpretation of Dreams

Sigmund Freud, A. A. Brill

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eBook - ePub

The Interpretation of Dreams

Sigmund Freud, A. A. Brill

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Until the beginning of the twentieth century, most people considered dreams unworthy of serious consideration. Sigmund Freud, however, had noticed that they formed an active part in the analysis of his patients, and he gradually came to believe that they represent struggles by the unconscious to resolve conflicts. In this classic of psychology, Freud explains the dual nature of dreams ― their apparent content and their true, if hidden, meaning ― as well as the concept of wish fulfillment and a universal language for interpreting dreams.
This groundbreaking work also contains Freud's introduction of the notion that sexuality plays an important role in childhood, a theory that deeply shocked his contemporaries. Psychological journals rejected the book, and scientific publications ignored it, but the author recognized it as containing his greatest insights. The Interpretation of Dreams eventually helped set the stage for psychoanalytic theory, and it remains Freud's most original work.

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Absurdity of dreams, 294
Acceleration of thought in dreams, 356
Accidental stimuli, 167
Adler, Alf., 217
Affects, flagging of, 410
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inversion of, 336
restraint of, 334
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transformation of, 430
Agoraphobia, 225, 412
Alarm clock dreams, 19, 20, 168
Allegorising interpretation of dreams, 43
symbolisms, 73
Altruistic impulses, 191
Ambiguity of dreams, 113
Amnesia, 370, 371
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self, 79
Analysis of dream life, 29
of psychological formations, 438
Anamnesis, 253
Anxiety dreams, 25, 67, 103, 123, 179, 180, 204, 208, 221, 223, 371, 391, 412417
Apparent duration of dreams, 48
Arbitrariness in dream interpretation, 171
Aristotle, 2, 24
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