Albinus on Anatomy
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Albinus on Anatomy

Robert Beverly Hale, Terence Coyle

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eBook - ePub

Albinus on Anatomy

Robert Beverly Hale, Terence Coyle

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About This Book

This beautiful, enthralling book represents the rarest of human achievements: a work of great scientific merit that is a magnificent work of art as well. Bernard Siegfried Albinus was the greatest descriptive anatomist of the eighteenth century. Over a period of twenty years, he produced two volumes of drawings, Tables of the Skeleton and Muscles of the Human Body and Tables of the Human Bones, that have long been revered for their beauty, skill, artistry, and anatomical accuracy. This finely made edition makes them available to the general public at an easily affordable price for the first time since their publication in 1747.
All 80 of the original copperplate engravings, containing over 230 individual illustrations, have been painstakingly reproduced for this edition. The muscles and bones of the human body are rendered individually and in related groups from varying perspectives, enabling art students to compare the forms; to analyze their size, shape, direction, and attachments; and to observe with absolute clarity the shape and position of bodily forms. Eighty modern diagrams matching each plate identify each bone and muscle in the most common medical terms.
The eminent medical historian Charles Singer praised Albinus' brilliant accomplishment: `He introduced a new standard of accuracy into practical anatomy and of accuracy and beauty into anatomical illustrations.` Singer adds: `These illustrations, with their finely wrought ornamental backgrounds, were intended for artists as well as for physicians, and no finer work of their type has ever been executed.`
Introductory essays by the well-known artist and art educator Terence Coyle — including a new introduction to the Dover edition — engagingly explore Albinus' life and work. Following these, Robert Beverly Hale, one of America's best-known teachers of figure drawing and anatomy, brilliantly appraises Albinus' technique and demonstrates how artists today can use his anatomical studies to draw from life, a special feature that makes this magnificent book truly indispensable for artists and art students at every level.

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Teaching Art



1. Frontal bone
2. Superciliary eminence
3. Orbit
4. Nasal bone
5. Superior maxillary (Maxilla, upper jaw)
6. Inferior maxillary (Mandible, lower jaw)
7. Clavicle
8. Acromion process of scapula
9. Coracoid process of scapula
10. Scapula
11. Sternum
12. Humerus
13. Radius
14. Ulna
15. Carpals
16. Metacarpals
17. Phalanges
18. High point of pelvis
19. Iliac tubercle (Wide point)
20. Parietal bone
21. Temporal bone
22. Zygomatic (Malar, cheek bone)
23. Mastoid process of temporal bone
24. Ramus of mandible
25. Cervical vertebrae
26. First rib
27. Fifth rib
28. Thoracic (dorsal) vertebrae
29. Line where rib meets cartilage
30. Tenth rib
31. Lumbar vertebrae
32. Iliac crest
33. Anterior superior iliac spine (Front point)
34. Ilium of pelvis
35. Sacrum
36. Pubis
37. Great trochanter of femur
38. Ischium
39. Lesser trochanter of femur
40. Shaft (body) of femur
41. Patella
42. Outer epicondyle of femur
43. Tibia (Shin bone)
44. Fibula
45. Outer (lateral) malleolus of fibula (Outer ankle)
46. Tarsals
47. Metatarsals
48. Phalanges
49. Calcaneus (Heel bone)
1. Occipital bone
2. Atlas (First cervical vertebra)
3. Axis (Second cervical vertebra)
4. First rib
5. Clavicle (Collar bone)
6. Acromion process of scapula
7. Humerus
8. Radius
9. Ulna
10. Styloid process of ulna
11. Carpals
12. Metacarpals
13. Phalanges
14. Olecranon of ulna (Elbow)
15. Fifth rib
16. Line of angle of ribs
17. Tip of tenth rib
18. Lumbar vertebrae
19. High p...

Table of contents