Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition
eBook - ePub

Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition

Joshua N. Milligan

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eBook - ePub

Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition

Joshua N. Milligan

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About This Book

Learn how to create effective data visualizations with Tableau and unlock a smarter approach to business analytics. It might just transform your organizationAbout This Book• Create stylish visualizations and dashboards that explain complexity with clarity• Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your business uses ideas and makes decisions• Explore all the new features in Tableau 10 and start to redefine what business analytics means to your organizationWho This Book Is ForGot data? Not sure what to make of it? This is the guide for you – whether you've been working with Tableau for years or are just beginning your adventure into business analytics.What You Will Learn• Find out how to build effective visualizations and dashboards• Prepare and clean your data so you can be sure Tableau is finding answers to your questions – not raising more problems• Discover how to create advanced visualizations that explain complexity with clarity and style• Dig deeper into your data with clustering and distribution models that allow you to analyze trends and make forecasts• Learn how to use data storytelling to aid decision-making and strategy• Share dashboards and visualizations to cultivate a culture where data is available and valuedIn DetailTableau has for some time been one of the most popular Business Intelligence and data visualization tools available. Why? Because, quite simply, it's a tool that's responsive to the needs of modern businesses. But it's most effective when you know how to get what you want from it – it might make your business intelligent, but it isn't going to make you intelligent...We'll make sure you're well prepared to take full advantage of Tableau 10's new features. Whether you're an experienced data analyst that wants to explore 2016's new Tableau, or you're a beginner that wants to expand their skillset and bring a more professional and sharper approach to their organization, we've got you covered. Beginning with the fundamentals, such as data preparation, you'll soon learn how to build and customize your own data visualizations and dashboards, essential for high-level visibility and effective data storytelling. You'll also find out how to so trend analysis and forecasting using clustering and distribution models to inform your analytics.But it's not just about you – when it comes to data it's all about availability and access. That's why we'll show you how to share your Tableau visualizations. It's only once insights are shared and communicated that you – and your organization – will start making smarter and informed decisions. And really, that's exactly what this guide is for.Style and approachPractical yet comprehensive, this Tableau guide takes you from the fundamentals of the tool before diving deeper into creating advanced visualizations. Covering the latest features found in Tableau 10, this might be the guide that transforms your organization.

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Learning Tableau 10 Second Edition

Learning Tableau 10 Second Edition

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Joshua N. Milligan
Copy Editors
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Sneha Singh
Bridget Cogley
Shawn Wallwork
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About the Author

Joshua N. Milligan has been with Teknion Data Solutions since 2004 and currently serves as a Principal Consultant. With a strong background in software development and custom .NET solutions, he brings a blend of analytical and creative thinking to BI solutions, data visualization, and data storytelling. His years of consulting have given Joshua hands on experience with all aspects of the BI development cycle from data modeling, ETL, enterprise deployment, data visualization, and dashboard design. He has worked with clients in numerous industries including financial, energy, healthcare, marketing, government, and services. Joshua has been named by Tableau as a Tableau Zen Master every year since 2014. This places Joshua in a group of individuals recognized by Tableau as not only masters of the tool but also who have a deep desire to teach and help others. As a Tableau Ambassador, trainer, mentor, and leader in the online Tableau community, Joshua is passionate about helping others gain insights from their data. He frequently broadcasts webinars to educate and inform the Tableau community and the world at large about the wonders of Tableau, and is a much sought after featured speaker at Tableau conferences, user groups and various technology and industry functions. He thrives on helping others. Joshua is the author of the first edition of Learning Tableau, which quickly became one of the highest acclaimed Tableau books for users at all levels. He was a technical reviewer of the Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook, Creating Data Stories with Tableau Public, and his work has been featured multiple times on Tableau Public’s Viz of the Day and Tableau’s website. He also shares frequent Tableau tips, tricks, and advice along with a variety of dashboards on his fun and creative blog site, VizPainter.com. You can follow Joshua on Twitter at @VizPainter.
I would like to express profound gratitude to the numerous individuals who have helped me in my journey over the years. My father, Stuart, introduced me to the world of computers to me when he showed me that I could make the family computer do anything I wanted with code. I stand on the shoulders of giants. The Tableau training team expanded my horizons. The members of the Tableau community, leaders in the forums, designers, and bloggers continue to broaden my understanding of Tableau and data visualization. Joe Mako, Jonathan Drummey, Ben Jones, and many others have inspired me to press on and never quit learning. I especially would like to express appreciation for the reviewers. Shawn and Bridget provided key insights, critical challenges, and deeply felt encouragement. Thank you also to my wonderful wife, Kara, who has encouraged me and loved me every step of the way!

About the Reviewers

Bridget Cogley, interpreter turned analyst, first found Tableau in 2010. It was a perfect fit for her analytical mind and artistic nature and rapidly became both a vocation and avocation. Bridget’s background includes training, HR, management, grant writing, RFP response creation, sales support, and data analysis. In 2014, she became a consultant and is now Joshua’s coworker at Teknion Data Solutions.
Bridget is a Tableau Ambassador and Zen Master and blogs at TableauFit.com. Her passion for learning combined with her love of Tableau has led to the creation of many beautiful and insightful dashboards that can be found on her blog. Bridget is also an accomplished speaker and webinar producer, and she actively shares her knowledge of and passion for Tableau frequently through social media and can be followed on Twitter at @WindsCogley.
Bridget is incredibly thankful to Joshua for the opportunity to review this book and wishes it was around when she was learning Tableau. She’s also grateful to her family, friends, and the people that helped make her Tableau career possible.
Shawn Wallwork started using Tableau back ...

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