Spark for Data Science
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Spark for Data Science

Srinivas Duvvuri, Bikramaditya Singhal

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eBook - ePub

Spark for Data Science

Srinivas Duvvuri, Bikramaditya Singhal

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About This Book

Analyze your data and delve deep into the world of machine learning with the latest Spark version, 2.0

About This Book

  • Perform data analysis and build predictive models on huge datasets that leverage Apache Spark
  • Learn to integrate data science algorithms and techniques with the fast and scalable computing features of Spark to address big data challenges
  • Work through practical examples on real-world problems with sample code snippets

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who wants to leverage Apache Spark for data science and machine learning. If you are a technologist who wants to expand your knowledge to perform data science operations in Spark, or a data scientist who wants to understand how algorithms are implemented in Spark, or a newbie with minimal development experience who wants to learn about Big Data Analytics, this book is for you!

What You Will Learn

  • Consolidate, clean, and transform your data acquired from various data sources
  • Perform statistical analysis of data to find hidden insights
  • Explore graphical techniques to see what your data looks like
  • Use machine learning techniques to build predictive models
  • Build scalable data products and solutions
  • Start programming using the RDD, DataFrame and Dataset APIs
  • Become an expert by improving your data analytical skills

In Detail

This is the era of Big Data. The words ?ig Data' implies big innovation and enables a competitive advantage for businesses. Apache Spark was designed to perform Big Data analytics at scale, and so Spark is equipped with the necessary algorithms and supports multiple programming languages.

Whether you are a technologist, a data scientist, or a beginner to Big Data analytics, this book will provide you with all the skills necessary to perform statistical data analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, and build scalable data products or solutions using Python, Scala, and R.

With ample case studies and real-world examples, Spark for Data Science will help you ensure the successful execution of your data science projects.

Style and approach

This book takes a step-by-step approach to statistical analysis and machine learning, and is explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each topic is explained sequentially with a focus on the fundamentals as well as the advanced concepts of algorithms and techniques. Real-world examples with sample code snippets are also included.

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Spark for Data Science

Spark for Data Science

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Srinivas Duvvuri
Bikramaditya Singhal
Copy Editor
Safis Editing
Daniel Frimer
Priyansu Panda
Yogesh Tayal
Project Coordinator
Kinjal Bari
Commissioning Editor
Dipika Gaonkar
Safis Editing
Acquisition Editors
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Nikhil Karkal
Pratik Shirodkar
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Kirk D'Penha
Technical Editor
Deepti Tuscano
Production Coordinator
Shantanu N. Zagade


Apache Spark is one of the most popular projects in the Hadoop ecosystem and possibly the most actively developed open source project in big data. Its simplicity, performance, and flexibility have made it popular not only among data scientists but also among engineers, developers, and everybody else interested in big data.
With its rising popularity, Duvvuri and Bikram have produced a book that is the need of the hour, Spark for Data Science, but with a difference. They have not only covered the Spark computing platform but have also included aspects of data science and machine learning. To put it in one word—comprehensive.
The book contains numerous code snippets that one can use to learn and also get a jump start in implementing projects. Using these examples, users also start to get good insights and learn the key steps in implementing a data science project—business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment.
Venkatraman Laxmikanth
Managing Director
Broadridge Financial Solutions India (Pvt) Ltd

About the Authors

Srinivas Duvvuri is currently Senior Vice President Development, heading the development teams for Fixed Income Suite of products at Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd. In addition, he also leads the Big Data and Data Science COE and is the principal member of the Broadridge India Technology Council. He is self learnt Data Scientist. The Big Data /Data Science COE in the past 3 years, has successfully completed multiple POC’s and some of the use cases are moving towards production deployment. He has over 25+ years of experience in software product development. His experience spans predominantly in product development in, multiple domains Financial Services, Infrastructure Management, OLAP, Telecom Billing and Customer Care, CAD/CAM. Prior to Broadridge, he’s held leadership positions at a Startup and leading IT majors such as CA, Hyperion (Oracle), Globalstar. He has a patent in Relational OLAP.
Srinivas loves to teach and mentor budding Engineers. He has established strong Academic connect and interacts with a host of educational institutions, He is an active speaker in various conferences, summits and meetups on topics such as Big data, Data Science
Srinivas is a B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering and M.Tech in Computer Science, from IIT, Madras.
At the outset I would like to thank VLK our MD and Broadridge India for supporting me in this endeavor. I would like to thank my parents, teachers, colleagues and extended family who have mentored and motivated me. My thanks to Bikram who agreed me to be the co-author when proposal to author the book came up. My special thanks to my wife Ratna, sons Girish and Aravind who have supported me in completing this book.
I would also like to sincerely thank the editorial team from Packt Arshriya, Rashmi, Deepti and all those, though not mentioned here, who have contributed in this project. Finally last but not the least our publisher Packt.
Bikramaditya Singhal is a data scientist with about 7 years of industry experience. He is an expert in statistical analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and programming in C, R, and Python. He has extensive experience in building scalable data analytics solutions in many industry sectors. He also has an active interest on industrial IoT, machine to machine communication, decentralized computation through Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.
Bikram currently leads the data science team of ‘Digital Enterprise Solutions’ group at Tech Mahindra Ltd. He also worked in companies such as Microsoft India, Broadridge, Chelsio Communications and also cofounded a company named ‘Mund Consulting’ which focused on Big Data analytics.
Bikram is an active speaker in various conferences, summits and meetups on topics such as big data, data science, IIoT and Blockchain.
I would like to thank my father, my brothers Manoj Agrawal and Sumit Mund for their mentorship. Without learning from them, there is not a chance I could be doing what I do today, and it is because of them and others that I feel compelled to pass my knowledge on to those willing to learn. Special thanks to my mentor and coauthor Srinivas Duvvuri, and my friend Priyansu Panda, without their efforts this book quite possibly would not have happened.
My deepest gratitude to his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for building me to what I am today. Many thanks and gratitude to my parents and my wife Yashoda for their unconditional love and support.
I would also like to sincerely thank all those, though not mentioned here, who have contributed in this project directly or indirectly.

About the Reviewers

Daniel Frimer has been involved in a vast exposure of industries across Healthcare, Web Analytics, Transportation. Across these industries has developed ways to optimize the speed of data workflow, storage, and processing in the hopes of making a highly efficient department. Daniel is currently a Master’s candidate at the University of Washington in Information Sciences pursuing a specialization in Data Science and Business Intelligence. She worked on Python Data Science Essentials
I’d like to thank my grandmother Mary. Who has always believed in mine and everyone’s potential and respects those whose passions make the world a better place.
Priyansu Panda is a research engineer at Underwriters Laboratories, Bangalore, India. He worked as a senior system engineer in Infosys Limited, and served as a software engineer in Tech Mahindra.
His areas of expertise include machine-learning, natural language processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, and heterogeneous distributed data integration. His current research is on applied machine learning for product safety analysis. His major research interests are machine-learning and data-mining applications, artificial intelligence on internet of things, cognitive systems, and clustering research.
Yogesh Tayal is a Technology Consultant at Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and has been with Mu Sigma for more than 3 years. He has worked with the Mu Sigma Business Analytics team and is currently an integral part of the product development team. Mu Sigma is one of the leading Decision Sciences companies in India with a huge client base comprising of leading corporations across an array of industry verticals i.e. technology, retail, pharmaceuticals, BFSI, e-commerce, healthcare etc.

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