Mastering Apache Camel
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Mastering Apache Camel

Jean-Baptiste Onofre

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Mastering Apache Camel

Jean-Baptiste Onofre

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Mastering Apache Camel

Table of Contents

Mastering Apache Camel

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About the Author

Jean-Baptiste Onofré is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and he has been involved in Apache projects for about 10 years. He's the PMC chair of Apache Karaf and its subprojects, including Cellar, Cave, and EIK.
He's also a PMC member of Apache ACE, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Syncope, and he is a committer for Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Archiva, Apache Aries, Apache Camel, and Apache jClouds.
He's currently working at Talend ( as a software architect and is a member of the Talend Apache team.
He has provided articles on Java technologies for GNU/Linux magazine France and has worked as an author and a reviewer on different books, such as Learning Karaf Cellar and Apache Karaf Cookbook, both by Packt Publishing.
He has also given talks on Apache projects, such as Karaf and Camel, at different conferences, especially ApacheCon NA and Europe, CamelOne, and so on.

Table of contents

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