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Building VMware Software-Defined Data Centers
Building VMware Software-Defined Data Centers

Building VMware Software-Defined Data Centers

Valentin Hamburger
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358 pages
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Building VMware Software-Defined Data Centers

Valentin Hamburger
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About This Book

Make the most of software-defined data centers with revolutionary VMware technologies

About This Book

  • Learn how you can automate your data center operations and deploy and manage applications and services across your public, private, and hybrid infrastructure in minutes
  • Drive great business results with cost-effective solutions without compromising on ease, security, and controls
  • Transform your business processes and operations in a way that delivers any application, anywhere, with complete peace of mind

Who This Book Is For

If you are an IT professional or VMware administrator who virtualizes data centers and IT infrastructures, this book is for you. Developers and DevOps engineers who deploy applications and services would also find this book useful. Data center architects and those at the CXO level who make decisions will appreciate the value in the content.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand and optimize end-to-end processes in your data center
  • Translate IT processes and business needs into a technical design
  • Apply and create vRO workflow automation functionalities to services
  • Deploy NSX in a virtual environment
  • Technically accomplish DevOps offerings
  • Set up and use vROPs to master the SDDC resource demands
  • Troubleshoot all the components of SDDC

In Detail

VMware offers the industry-leading software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture that combines compute, storage, networking, and management offerings into a single unified platform. This book uses the most up-to-date, cutting-edge VMware products to help you deliver a complete unified hybrid cloud experience within your infrastructure.

It will help you build a unified hybrid cloud based on SDDC architecture and practices to deliver a fully virtualized infrastructure with cost-effective IT outcomes. In the process, you will use some of the most advanced VMware products such as VSphere, VCloud, and NSX.

You will learn how to use vSphere virtualization in a software-defined approach, which will help you to achieve a fully-virtualized infrastructure and to extend this infrastructure for compute, network, and storage-related data center services. You will also learn how to use EVO: RAIL. Next, you will see how to provision applications and IT services on private clouds or IaaS with seamless accessibility and mobility across the hybrid environment.

This book will ensure you develop an SDDC approach for your datacenter that fulfills your organization's needs and tremendously boosts your agility and flexibility. It will also teach you how to draft, design, and deploy toolsets and software to automate your datacenter and speed up IT delivery to meet your lines of businesses demands. At the end, you will build unified hybrid clouds that dramatically boost your IT outcomes.

Style and approach

With the ever-changing nature of businesses and enterprises, having the capability to navigate through the complexities is of utmost importance. This book takes an approach that combines industry expertise with revolutionary VMware products to deliver a complete SDDC experience through practical examples and techniques, with proven cost-effective benefits.

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