Nice Fish (NHB Modern Plays)
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Nice Fish (NHB Modern Plays)

Mark Rylance, Louis Jenkins

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eBook - ePub

Nice Fish (NHB Modern Plays)

Mark Rylance, Louis Jenkins

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About This Book

On a frozen Minnesota lake, the ice is beginning to creak and groan. It's the end of the fishing season, and two old friends are out on the ice, angling for something big; something down there that is pure need.

Something that might just swallow them whole.

In Nice Fish, celebrated actor Mark Rylance draws on his own teenage years in the American Midwest, in a unique collaboration with critically acclaimed Minnesotan contemporary prose poet Louis Jenkins and the whole company.

This sublimely playful, profound and very funny play transferred direct from a sell-out run in New York to the Harold Pinter Theatre, London, in 2016, in a production directed by Claire van Kampen and starring Rylance and Jim Lichtscheidl.

'A whimsical, ultimately resonant portrait of lost souls waiting to hook or be hooked' - Time Out New York

'Deliriously funny' - Variety

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WAYNE (off). From here he appears as a black spot, one of the shadows that today has found it necessary to assume solid form. Along with the black jut of shoreline far to the left, he is the only break in the undifferentiated gray of ice and overcast sky.
Here is a man going jiggidy-jig-jig in a black hole. Depth and the current are of only incidental interest to him. He’s after something big, something down there that is pure need, something that, had it the wherewithal, would swallow him whole.
Right now nothing is happening. The fisherman stands and straightens, back to the wind. He stays out on the ice all day.
ERIK. I’ve spent a great deal of my life fretting over things that most people wouldn’t waste their time on. Trying to explain something I haven’t a clue about. It’s given me that worried look, that wide-eyed, staring look. The look that wild animals sometimes have, deer for instance, trying to make sense of the situation: ‘What is that?’ Motionless, transfixed. The same look that’s on the face of this fishing lure. Stupidity? Terror? What is the right bait for these conditions? High stratus clouds, maybe snow later. It’s all a trick anyway. What is this thing supposed to be? A minnow? A bug? Gaudy paint and hooks all over. It’s like bleached-blond hair and bright-red lipstick. Nobody reallybelieves it. There isn’t a way in the world I’d bite on that thing.
RON. I might swim in just a little closer.
RON. When you...

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