Research Methods for Nurses and Midwives
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Research Methods for Nurses and Midwives

Theory and Practice

Merryl Harvey, Lucy Land

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eBook - ePub
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Research Methods for Nurses and Midwives

Theory and Practice

Merryl Harvey, Lucy Land

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About This Book

This book is the only research methods book you need to succeed whilst studying nursing and midwifery.

Ideal for all pre and beyond registration nurses, this book has everything you need to know about consuming, critiquing and using research; it then builds on this foundation to develop these ideas into workable practice for real-world research.

Inspired by over 25 years combined experience, the authors have structured the book around the complimentary spheres of theory and practice and take you through each step of the research process, demonstrating how to choose a question, design your research proposal, collect data, analyse your findings and write up your research.

It explores:

路Evidence-based research

路Literature and systematic reviews


路Secondary Data

路Research design

路Methodologies and individual methods

路Data analysis 鈥 quantitative and qualitative

Interwoven with case studies and embracing quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods alike, this balanced textbookprovides an introduction to a wide range of theories and methods and is packed full of material specially created to meet student and instructor needs.

Whether you are new to research methods or returning to formal education and hoping to conduct your own research, this book is your ideal companion.

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