Demystifying Global Macroeconomics
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Demystifying Global Macroeconomics

John E. Marthinsen

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Demystifying Global Macroeconomics

John E. Marthinsen

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Demystifying Global Macroeconomics ( DGM) provides readers with a practical, working use of international macroeconomics. For serious business and political leaders, understanding the global interconnections in economic and financial markets is crucial for making informed and well-timed decisions. DGM takes the mystery out of seemingly complex economic interactions by providing an easy-to-understand framework within which to analyze the effects of economic, social, and political shocks to a nation's economy.

John E. Marthinsen integrates the three major macroeconomic sectors, which are the credit market, goods and services market, and foreign exchange market. The author provides the reader with contemporary examples that virtually leap off the front pages of our daily news reports and confront business managers and politicians with choices and decisions to make. For example, DGM shows how to use macroeconomic tools and a global framework to analyze the effects of:

  • U.S. tariffs on China and China's tariffs on the United States

  • Infrastructure spending

  • Speculative capital outflows from nations under stress, such as Argentina and Turkey, and speculative capital inflows into safe-haven countries, such as Switzerland

  • Demonetization in India

  • Successfully fighting the opioid abuse problem in the United States

  • Border adjustment tax

  • Monetary policies

  • Fiscal policies

Marthinsen keeps readers visually engaged with the strategic use of figures, tables, charts, and illustrative exhibits. Demystifying Global Macroeconomics emphasizes the interaction among markets and equips readers with a macroeconomic perspective that will last (and be used) for years.

If you are adopting this book for a teaching course, please contact Stefan.Gi[email protected] to request additional instructional material.

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