Developments in Psychoanalysis
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Developments in Psychoanalysis

Paula Heimann, Susan Isaacs, Melanie Klein, Joan Riviere, Paula Heimann, Susan Isaacs, Melanie Klein, Joan Riviere

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Developments in Psychoanalysis

Paula Heimann, Susan Isaacs, Melanie Klein, Joan Riviere, Paula Heimann, Susan Isaacs, Melanie Klein, Joan Riviere

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Psychoanalysis is a science evidently fore-ordained to growth and expansion, and among those who have extended the scope of both theory and practice Melanie Klein holds a unique place. This book is a survey of the developments in psychoanalytical knowledge resulting from her work. Her main discoveries relate to the very early phases of mental life. She recognized that the world of unconscious feeling and impulse (which we call 'phantasy') is the effective source of all human actions and reactions, modified though they are when translated into actual external behaviour or conscious thought. Although Freud first enunciated this truth, which originates in his fundamental discovery of the unconscious mind of man, he left many problems still unsolved. These have been brought nearer to a solution through Melanie Klein's consistent awareness of the significance of unconscious phantasy. Not only students of psychoanalysis and workers in related medical fields but also practising child-psychologists and the informed lay public will find this book of absorbing interest.

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Abraham, 1, 10, 35, 136, 171, 175, 1845, 206, 208, 216, 217, 218, 234, 238, 2734, 281, 290, 297, 320
and death instinct, 326
as expressing phantasies, 100
Aggression see (Destructive impulse)
Ambivalence see also (Hatred synthesized with love), 27, 48, 185, 203, 216, 230, 272
Amnesia see also (Forgetting)
infantile, 144
Amphimixis, 180
Anal see also (Excretion; Faeces)
anxieties, 183, 225, 226, 227
fixations, 179
phantasies, 50, 534, 945, 96, 163, 1724, 201, 2067, 230, 254, 276, 293, 300, 301
stage, 136, 183, 185, 273, 281
Anal-sadistic impulse, 50, 136, 163, 173, 1756, 185, 201, 206, 230, 293, 300, 334
felt as within, 54
representing parents, 54, 277
phobias about, 177 ff., 183
representing sadistic impulses, 54, 92, 2767
Animism, 159
Anxiety-situation (s)
birth as, 198, 238
castration-fear as, 31, 278
and combined parent-figure, 220
defences against, 59, 213
denial of, 213
at different stages, 183, 186
externalization of, 183, 279
failure to deal with, 216
fear of death as primary, 31, 43, 2756, 277
internal and external, 2889
loss of mother as, 269, ...

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