Practicum and Internship
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Practicum and Internship

Textbook and Resource Guide for Counseling and Psychotherapy

Christin M. Jungers, Judith Scott

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eBook - ePub

Practicum and Internship

Textbook and Resource Guide for Counseling and Psychotherapy

Christin M. Jungers, Judith Scott

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About This Book

Completely revised and updated, the sixth edition of Practicum and Internship is a practical resource that provides students and supervisors with thorough coverage of all stages and aspects of the practicum and internship process.

New to this edition are:

  • Downloadable, customizable online forms, contracts, and other materials

  • Across-the-board updates that reflect 2016 CACREP standards

  • Incorporation of contemporary research and literature that addresses recommended practices and ethical considerations regarding the use of technology in counseling

  • New information on preparing students to run their first counseling and therapy groups

  • A review of ethical standards and current perspectives on working with culturally diverse clients

  • Current perspectives on managing self-care during practicum and internship and beyond

  • A thoughtful presentation of trauma-informed approaches to counseling

  • A revised final chapter including guidelines for preparing for licensure exams and for longevity in the profession

With comprehensive information that spans across therapeutic approaches, concerns, and topics, this remains an essential foundational text for counseling and psychotherapy students and their supervisors.

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Note: Page numbers in italic indicate a figure. Page numbers in bold indicate a table.
abandonment 169
ABC model of crisis intervention 176177
Abilify (aripiprazole) 247249
abstract ability, client mental status assessment and 55
abuse 198204; child 164, 166167, 198204; drug/substance 204209 (see also addiction); elder 167; examples of 199; neglect 164, 166167, 199200
ACA see American Counseling Association
academic performance, decrease in response to crisis 183
acceptance: in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) 91; in mindfulness techniques 89
acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) 9091
accountability, treatment plan and 73
accreditation, advantages of 5
accreditation standards for practicum and internship 47; CACEP 67; CACREP/CORE 6; MPCAC 7
ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) 9091
action, in stages of change model 72
active listening 37
AdderallXR 249
addiction 204209; counseling recommendations for clients with 207208; diagnosing alcohol and drug use 204205; gambling 205; relapse, preventing 208209; treatment 205206; understanding 204
addictions counseling, CACREP standards and 51
addictions counselor, NBCC specialty certification for 8
ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), treatment of 249
Adler, Alfred 77
administrative supervision 116
adolescents: psychopharmacological treatments of 248249; school-based suicide prevention and intervention programs 191192; see also children
affect, client mental status assessment and 54
affirmative concealment of a crime 198
aggression, in children’s response to crisis 184
alcohol use: diagnosing 204205; treatment 205206
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) 55
alertness, client mental status assessment and 54
Allport, Gordon 78
alprozolam (Xanax) 246
American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 183
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy 9, 140
American Association of Pastoral Counselors Therapy 140
American Association of Suicidology 191
American Counseling Association (ACA): Code of Ethics 18, 28, 31, 115, 123, 140144, 147, 150153, 160, 168, 189190, 238; educational standards 4; practicum site ethical guidelines 16; Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision-Making, A 147; website 141, 162
American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA): code of ethics 18, 168; website 141
American Psychiatric Association 60
American Psychological Ass...

Table of contents