Artificial Intelligence for HR
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Artificial Intelligence for HR

Use AI to Support and Develop a Successful Workforce

Ben Eubanks

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eBook - ePub
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Artificial Intelligence for HR

Use AI to Support and Develop a Successful Workforce

Ben Eubanks

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About This Book

HR professionals need to get to grips with artificial intelligence and the way it's changing the world of work. From using natural language processing to ensure job adverts are free from bias and gendered language to implementing chatbots to enhance the employee experience, AI has created a variety of opportunities for the HR function. Artificial Intelligence for HR empowers HR professionals to leverage this potential and use AI to improve efficiency and develop a talented and productive workforce. Outlining the current technology landscape as well as the latest AI developments, this book ensures that HR professionals fully understand what AI is and what it means for HR in practice.Covering everything from recruitment and retention to employee engagement and learning and development, Artificial Intelligence for HR outlines the value AI can add to HR. It also features discussions on the challenges that can arise from AI and how to deal with them, including data privacy, algorithmic bias and how to develop the skills of a workforce with the rise of automation, robotics and machine learning in order to make it more human, not less. Packed with practical advice, research and case studies from global organizations including Uber, IBM and Unilever, this book will equip HR professionals with the knowledge they need to leverage AI to recruit and develop a successful workforce and help their businesses thrive in the future.

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Kogan Page

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Artificial Intelligence for HR
  3. Artificial Intelligence for HR
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. About the author
  7. Foreword by Trish McFarlane
  8. Preface
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. 01 A snapshot of HR today
  11. 02 The basics of artificial intelligence
  12. 03 General AI applications within HCM
  13. 04 Core HR and workforce management
  14. 05 Talent acquisition
  15. 06 Learning and development
  16. 07 Talent management
  17. 08 Challenges of adopting AI technology
  18. 09 HR skills of the future
  19. Afterword
  20. Index
  21. Copyright
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