Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology
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Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology

Bonified Skeletons

Heather M. Garvin, Natalie R. Langley, Heather M. Garvin, Natalie R. Langley

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eBook - ePub

Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology

Bonified Skeletons

Heather M. Garvin, Natalie R. Langley, Heather M. Garvin, Natalie R. Langley

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About This Book

Through a set of unique case studies written by an international group of practicing forensic anthropologists, Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology: Bonified Skeletons prepares students and professionals for the diverse range of cases and challenges they will encounter in the field.

Every forensic anthropology case is unique. Practitioners routinely face new challenges and unexpected outcomes. Courses and introductory texts generally address standard or ideal cases. In practice, however, forensic anthropologists must improvise frequently during forensic archaeological recoveries and laboratory analyses based on case circumstances. Most forensic anthropologists have encountered unconventional cases with surprising results. While these cases act as continuing education for practitioners—better preparing them for future encounters— such learning opportunities may be limited by the extent of personal experiences. This text exposes practitioners and students to a diverse array of case examples they may not otherwise encounter, sharing experiential knowledge and contributing to the advancement the field.

Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology aims to both prepare aspiring forensic anthropologists and inform current practitioners. The cases are interesting and unique, detailing how specific challenges contribute to the body of forensic anthropological knowledge and practice.

Key Features

  • Full-color photographs illustrate the scenes and skeletal features

  • "Lessons Learned" sections for each case study emphasize take-away points

  • Thought-provoking "Discussion Questions" encourage readers to think critically and facilitate group discussions

  • Actual case experiences by diverse array of forensic anthropologists who discuss innovative methods and unique challenges

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Table of contents