On Time and Water
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On Time and Water

Andri Snær Magnason, Lytton Smith

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eBook - ePub

On Time and Water

Andri Snær Magnason, Lytton Smith

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In the next hundred years, the nature of water on Earth will undergo a fundamental change. Glaciers will melt, the level of the sea will rise, and its acidity will change more than it has in the past 50 million years. These changes will affect all life on earth, everyone that we know, and everyone that we love. It is more complex than the mind can comprehend, greater than all of our past experience, bigger than language. What words can grasp an issue of this magnitude?In an attempt to capture this vast issue, Andri Snær Magnason takes both a personal and a scientific approach—weaving his way through climate science via ancient legends about sacred cows, stories of ancestors and relatives, and interviews with the Dalai Lama. The resulting narrative is at once a travel story, a world history, and a reminder to live in harmony with future generations.

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Note: Most Icelandic names comprise a given name plus a patronymic (ending –son or –dóttir) that indicates family origin but usually changes with each generation. Inverting these seems unhelpful so, while Charles Lindbergh appears at “L,” John Thorbjarnarson will be found under “J” rather than “T.” Italic page references lead to full-page illustrations; “n” refers to one of the numbered endnotes (indexed only very selectively) after page 324.
The index that appeared in the print version of this title was intentionally removed from the eBook. Please use the search function on your eReading device to search for terms of interest. For your reference, the terms that appear in the print index are listed below.
accidents, fishing
acidity see ocean acidification; pH scale
Activ of London, (schooner)
agricultural inefficiency
Air Ground Rescue Team (FBSR)
aircraft / air travel
emissions in a wider context
“flight shame” (flygskam)
Grandma Hulda’s enthusiasms
Keflavik dance performance
as symbolic of progress
wreck on Vatnajökull glacier
alphabets, evolution
Althing see parliaments
aluminium industry
animal feed
Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir
Anní Ólafsdóttir
Anthropocene era
apartment at Ásvallagata
apathy and fatalism
as protective philosophy
public apathy and paralysis
apocalypse and “apausalypse”
Arinbjörn Hersir (trawler)
Arnar Thórisson (photographer)
Arndís Thorbjarnardóttir (Grandpa Björn’s sister)
Árni Einarsson (conservationist)
Árni Kjartansson see Grandpa
Árni Árni Magnússon Institute for Medieval Studies.
Arrhennius, Svante
Attenborough, David
Audhumla (mythical cow)
author’s vision of
the Dalai Lama on
in Icelandic mythology
insight shared with Gudmundur Páll Ólafsson
possible links with Hinduism
author’s mother see Kristín Björnsdóttir
Backman, Edda Heidrun
Balbo, Italo
Baldvin Einarsson
banking collapse (2008)
basalt, promise for carbon sequestration
beauty, in landscapes
belief systems, collapse
Bergsöe, Jonas, Captain
Berlin Wall
Bhagavad Gita
Bíldudalur altarpiece
bird species
eider ducks
frigate birds and pelicans
gannets and terns
the great auk
sea eagles
Björn Thorbjarnarson see Grandpa Björn
Bogezi, Carol
Book of Settlements
Brahmaputra, River
brain coral (Diploria labyrinthiformis)
in China and Tibet
Dhammapada: The Way of Truth
investigatory techniques
Mount Kailas significance

Table of contents