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The Global Entrepreneur
The Global Entrepreneur
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The Global Entrepreneur

H. Laurence Shaw
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128 pages
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The Global Entrepreneur

H. Laurence Shaw
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About This Book

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, entrepreneurship has never been more vital. As jobs were lost from large organizations, most new jobs came from innovative startups. The lure of hi-tech has attracted many people who see themselves as future entrepreneurs, but who lack the perspective of the total experience. To meet this demand, community colleges and universities across the world have set up entrepreneurship courses.

The Global Entrepreneur is a life-changing book. To leave the comfort of a steady job and enter the tumultuous world of the entrepreneur is a major and often fearful step. For those who are contemplating this change, or who have already embarked upon this exciting venture, reassurance based on the experience of both successful and even not so successful entrepreneurs can be invaluable. The book provides an overview of the entrepreneurial experience broken down into all of its essential elements. Today, startups are global in nature and the book helps a budding entrepreneur understand the effect of different cultures both on the company and his/herself.

This book differs from the existing literature in that its focus is on the individual and his or her reaction to the international nature of the entrepreneurial experience backed by both the lived experience of actual entrepreneurs and case studies of entrepreneurship across the world. Business success is measured by financial return. The book will be a vital tool in this endeavour.

This book will appeal to students of business or management and individuals who are considering a career change, to create or join a startup, and need more knowledge to make their decision.

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