On Music
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On Music

Theodore Gracyk

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eBook - ePub

On Music

Theodore Gracyk

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Opinionated and example-filled, this extremely concise and accessible book provides a survey of some fundamental and longstanding debates about the nature of music. The central arguments and ideas of historical and contemporary philosophers are presented with the goal of making them as accessible as possible to general readers who have no background in philosophy. The emphasis is on instrumental music, but examples are drawn from many cultures as well as from Western classical, jazz, folk, and popular music.

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absolute music see pure instrumental music
Abu Bakr ibn al-Tufail 108
Adorno, Theodor 334; on musical materials 34
Aesop’s fables 4
aesthetic properties 55, 5863, 1237, 1357; subjectivity of 125; see also beauty, sublimity
aesthetic response 14, 2526, 28, 36, 9697, 112, 1249, 131, 134, 138; to nature 2830, 131; see also purism
aesthetic theory 236, 28, 112, 136; Hindustani 99102; Marxist 27; Romantic 65, 88, 9799, 101
African-American music 20
Albert, Prince Consort 76
aleatory music 132
al-Tufail, Abu Bakr ibn 108
amusia 38, 51, 57, 59, 121
anthropomorphism 66, 8790
architecture 109, 112
Aristotle 53
arousal theory of expression 915; two versions of 92
art 12, 4, 1315, 213, 27, 31, 334, 66, 6971, 90, 95102, 114, 118, 138; abstract 40, 65; avant-garde 21; Batteux on 136; Bell on 36; Dissanayake on 1415; Dutton on 1415; pleasure from 22; representational 119, 1356
art for art’s sake 27
artifacts: aesthetics of 30
Asperger’s syndrome 80
Augustine 111
Bach, Johann Sebastian 17, 30, 37, 3941, 65; Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 21; Goldberg Variations 8, 23, 27; Toccata and Fugue in D Minor 3940, 59; unaccompanied cello suites 1617, 367, 39, 413, 52, 65; Well-Tempered Clavier 2...

Table of contents