Contesting Secularism
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Contesting Secularism

Comparative Perspectives

Anders Berg-Sørensen

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eBook - ePub

Contesting Secularism

Comparative Perspectives

Anders Berg-Sørensen

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About This Book

As we enter the twenty-first century, the role of religion within civic society has become an issue of central concern across the world. The complex trends of secularism, multiculturalism and the rise of religiously motivated violence raise fundamental questions about the relationship between political institutions, civic culture and religious groups. Contesting Secularism represents a major intervention into this debate. Drawing together contributions from leading scholars from across the world it analyses how secularism functions as a political doctrine in different national contexts put under pressure by globalisation. In doing so it presents different models for the relationship between political institutions and religious groups, challenging the reader to be more aware of assumptions within their own cultural context, and raises alternative possibilities for the structure of democratic, multi-faith societies. Through its inter-disciplinary and comparative approach, Contesting Secularism sets a new agenda for thinking about the place of religion in the public sphere of twenty-first century societies. It is essential reading for policymakers, as well as for scholars and students in political science, law, sociology and religious studies.

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Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series
Series Editors:
Linda Woodhead, University of Lancaster, UK
Rebecca Catto, University of Lancaster, UK
This book series emanates from the largest research programme on religion in Europe today – the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme which has invested in over seventy-five research projects. Thirty-two separate disciplines are represented looking at religion across the world, many with a contemporary and some with an historical focus. This international, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary book series will include monographs, paperback textbooks and edited research collections drawn from this leading research programme.
Other titles in the series:
Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy
Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Stephen Pattison and Mansur Ali
Religion in Consumer Society
Brands, Consumers, and Markets
Edited by François Gauthier and Tuomas Martikainen
Religion in the Neoliberal Age
Political Economy and Modes of Governance
Edited by Tuomas Martikainen and François Gauthier

Contesting Secularism

Comparative Perspectives
Edited by
Anders Berg-Sørensen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Logo: Published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, London and New York.


  • List of Tables
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Contesting Secularism Anders Berg-Sørensen
    • 1 Multiple Secularisms and Multiple Secular States Rajeev Bhargava
    • 2 Priority for Liberal Democracy or Secularism? Veit Bader
    • 3 Muslims, Religious Equality and Secularism Tariq Modood
    • 4 The Post-Secular Turn in Feminism Rosi Braidotti
    • 5 Secularism, Constitutionalism and the Rise of Christian Conservatives in the US Rogers M. Smith
    • 6 Neither Religious nor Secular: The British Situation and its Implications for Religion-State Relations Linda Woodhead
    • 7 The Indeterminacy of Laïcité: Secularism and the State in France John R. Bowen
    • 8 Contested Secularism in Turkey and Iran Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
    • 9 Secularism, Popular Passion and Public Order in India Thomas Blom Hansen
  • Index

List of Tables

  • 1.1 Degrees and Dimensions of Establishment or Separation
  • 1.2 General Features of Value-Based Secular States
  • 1.3 Forms of Secularism
  • 1.4 Forms of Secularism with Supplements
  • 3.1 Religion vis-à-vis State and Civil Society in Three Countries
  • 6.1 Churchgoing in England (Brierley, 2006: 12.2.1)

Notes on Contributors

Veit Bader is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam.
Anders Berg-Sørensen is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.
Rajeev Bhargava is Professor and Director at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi.
John R. Bowen is Dunbar-Van Cleve Professor at the Department of An...

Table of contents