Roman Stoicism (Routledge Revivals)
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Roman Stoicism (Routledge Revivals)

Edward Vernon Arnold

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Roman Stoicism (Routledge Revivals)

Edward Vernon Arnold

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Roman Stoicism, first published in 1911, offers an authoritative introduction to this fascinating chapter in the history of Western philosophy, which throughout the 20 th century has been rediscovered and rehabilitated among philosophers, theologians and intellectual historians.

Stoicism played a significant part in Roman history via the public figures who were its adherents (Seneca is perhaps the most famous); and, as it became more widely accepted, it assumed the features of a religion. The Stoic approach to physics, the universe, divine providence, ethics, law and humanity are all investigated, as is its diffuse impact upon literature.

The origins of Christianity are also examined. Arnold offers a sympathetic reading of St. Paul in light of Stoicism, and regards the latter as the crucial bridge between Antiquity and Christendom: it allowed a swathe of Pagan intellectuals to join the Church and influenced the development of Christian doctrine, thus making an immense contribution to the bedrock of modern European civilisation.

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General Index.

The numbers refer to the pages and notes.
Abstract ideas, 136 sqq.
Academy, 55 sqq.; influence on Stoicism, 69, 93, 94, 100, 103, 106, 192, 302. Essential difference between the two schools, 153.
accessio, 292, 316.
acervus, 147.
Achilles, 339.
ACOKA, 15.
Acquirements, 305.
ACTE, 347 n. 110.
Action, 59.
Active and passive, 69, 156, 172.
Adam (and Eve) 278, 427.
ADAM, J., 30 n. 2, 30 n. 3, 32 n. 16, 34 n. 25, 37 n. 43, 46 n. 76.
ADDISON, J., 176 n. 9.
adfectus, see 'Affections.'
adsensio, adsensus, see 'Assent'; adsensum sustinere, see 'Suspense of judgment.'
Adultery condemned, 276, 347.
Advantages, 72, 290, 319 sqq.; rejected by Aristo, 82.
aegritudo, 331; aeg. animi, 338.
Aeneas, 297, 391.
Aesculapius, 233.
aestimatio, 72, 289.
Aether, 180, 183, 186, 436; as first principle, 70 n. 61; as god, 219.
Affection for children, 341.
Affections, 332 sqq., 352; good affections, 323; in Jesus, 412.
agitatio prima, 351.
Agriculture, 369, 372.
Ahura Mazda, 8.
Air, 180 sqq.
Alcestis, 142.
ALEXANDER, 13, 62, 339.
Alexandria, 20, 64, 80, 83, 110.
alienatio, 256, 322.
Allegorism, 112, 151, 411.
amarus, 335.
amor, 317.
Analogy, in logic, 134; in grammar, 145.
ANAXAGORAS, 40, 44, 156.
ANAXIMENES, 33, 158; on elemental qualities, 173.
Angels, 8, 11, 21, 31; guardian angels, 233, 264.
Anger, 333 sqq.
anima, 168, 242; in St Paul, 420. an. inflammata. 181, 243 n. 23.
Animals, 186 sqq.; their place in the universe, 205; have no rights, 274; St Paul's view, 417 n. 55.
Animism, 241.
animus, 242.
annus, magnus, 193.
Anomaly, 145.
Ant, 187.
anticipatio, 136.

Table of contents

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