Ideology and Utopia
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Ideology and Utopia

Karl Mannheim

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Ideology and Utopia

Karl Mannheim

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Ideology and Utopia argues that ideologies are mental fictions whose function is to veil the true nature of a given society. They originate unconsciously in the minds of those who seek to stabilise a social order. Utopias are wish dreams that inspire the collective action of opposition groups which aim at the entire transformation of society. Mannheim shows these two opposing elements to dominate not only our social thought but even unexpectedly to penetrate into the most scientific theories in philosophy, history and the social sciences.
This new edition contains a new preface by Bryan S. Turner which describes Mannheim's work and critically assesses its relevance to modern sociology. The book is published with a comprehensive bibliography of Mannheim's major works.

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Index of Subjects
Absolute state, 32, 199; v. also state; corporative state
Absolutes: 77, 78, 83, 84, 86, 112, 117, 132, 135, 152, 178, 182, 219, 227, 235 n., 253254, 270, 271, 275; v. also validity; absolute validity of thought
Absolute validity of thought: 13, 38, 68, 71, 75, 136, 152, 168, 225, 270, 274275; v. also absolutes; validity
Absolutism, its ideology, 207 n.
Abstraction, level of, 248249, 271, 272; v. also constructive abstraction as contrasted with speculation
Abstractness, social factors making for, 205, 216, 246, 271272, 273
Academies, 160161
Action: and thought, 35, 1718, 20, 28, 36, 7578, 85, 112113, 114, 118, 119, 122, 129, 146, 151152, 157, 171, 214, 221, 222, 265267; revealing reality, 87, 112113, 118, 151; stabilizing the aspect of things, 20, 157; setting new causal sequences in the world, 170; v. also purpose; action, direct; activism; context of activity
Action direct, 119, 122, 125; v. also revolutionary deed of the proletariat; moment in history
Activism, 119, 120 n. 1, 122123, 126; v. also revolutionary deed of the proletariat; action direct
Activity, science of, 100; of ideas, 185; v. also politics
Administration, 100 ff. (def.), 105106, 170; v. also bureaucratic thought
Ambivalence of motivations, 204 n. 2; v. also motivations
American sociology, 228229
Amorphous aspect of life, 134; v. also moment in history; atomization of the basis of thought
Analytical thought, social factors making for it, 8, 150, 246; see also thought; knowledge; synthesis
Anarchism, 125, 177, 178, 196 n. 1, 203, 213, 215, 218219, 223
Angle of refraction, when ideas are taken over from another social stratum, 204 n. 2, 241, 245

Table of contents

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