The Methuen Drama Book of Queer Monologues
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The Methuen Drama Book of Queer Monologues

Scottee, Scottee

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eBook - ePub

The Methuen Drama Book of Queer Monologues

Scottee, Scottee

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About This Book

The first collection of its kind, The Oberon Book of Queer Monologues chronicles over one hundred years of queer and trans performance. Combining stage plays with spoken word and performance art, this anthology features over forty extracts from some of the most exciting stage works in the English-speaking world. It is an essential tool for artists seeking monologues for auditions or training; a comprehensive guide through the hidden histories of queer theatre; and a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. Curated by award-winning artist Scottee, it features work from artists including Neil Bartlett, Mae West, Emma Donoghue, Split Britches, Chris Goode and Travis Alabanza.

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Rikki Beadle-Blair


FIT was developed by Rikki Beadle-Blair to address the growing problem of homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools, and was especially created to complement various learning objectives from the National Curriculum, particularly PHSE and Citizenship. The play’s teenage characters attempt to fit in and try to stand out in a culture where everything from not liking sport to wearing the wrong trainers is ‘gay.’
In the extract, seventeen-year-old Black British boy Jordan confesses he used to be in love with another boy called Melvin, who was out and proud despite suffering homophobic abuse.
Keywords: British – Black – gay – teenagers – bullying
I was in love. With a lad called Melvin. He was lovely. Dead skinny, but lovely. He was out. He was proud. And they used to knock seven bells out of him. They used to spit on his back from the top of the stairs. They used steal his stuff and piss on it and worse. And he was like you. He never cried. They did some right horrible things. Constantly. Just torturing him. And I used to let ’em. I used to watch. And I never said nothing. Til one day, he tried to kill hisself. Tried to hang hisself with his shirt in the changing rooms while the rest of us was playing football. I don’t know why he chose the changing room. Yeah, I do. So we’d find him there. So we’d discover him. It was meant to be his final statement. But he didn’t die. Just nearly. Ambulance came. Took him away. And people started laughing about it. Straight back to taking the piss. Someone found Melvin’s bag – started to kick it about. And I snapped. I went mental. I broke this lad’s cheekbone. I’m not sorry. He deserved it. I deserved it. I was another coward just like them. When I should have been brave like Melvin.



The Worst of Scottee

The Worst of Scottee is a one-man show about regrets and digging up the past, directed by Chris Goode for the Roundhouse in 2014. Scottee hired a psychotherapist and a filmmaker to create this funny, dark and touching show, filled with past flames, ex-friends and people who no longer like him.
The extract centres on fatness, fatphobia, body image, and misogyny.
Keywords: British – queer – fat – body image
There’s a fat girl in the corner
And she’s the office clown
The life and soul of parties never easy to weigh down
She can count her friends on one hand, she knows
who to trust
The plump girl in HR the boys at school cussed
There’s a fat girl in the corner
She’s been like it since her teens
She blames her Mum’s side for the obese gene
Saturday job in Woolworths, Pick ’n’ Mix isle
She wants to lose weight like that girl off Jeremy Kyle
There’s a fat girl in the corner
And her clothes never fit
She wants to flaunt Gucci, not that loose Evans knit
Hair is always pristine, flawless maquillage
Underneath the warpaint a broken facade
There’s a fat girl in the corner
And she holds her head down low
Don’t wanna be noticed as she scoffs at Maison
She likes to eat alone, away from prying eyes
Double chocolate gateau, the start of her demise
There’s a fat girl in the corner
And she’s crying in the bath
Remembering gays in Soho who point and state and
Had enough of the teasing she wants to lose weight
Afraid what people think
Doesn’t want to lose face
There’s a fat girl in the corner
And for once she’s had enough
Things have gone pear-shaped
She wants someone to love
Overworked, overeaten and overweight
A twenty-something fat cat who never was the bait
There’s a fat girl in the corner
And now she is deceased
Went down the wrong hole, her midnight feast
She ate a box of donuts, she shoved them down her throat
The thing that killed her was?
The thing she loved the most


Franko B


Franko B is a celebrated queer performance artist. In his words, his work ‘is situated somewhere between isolation and seduction, benevolence and confrontation, suffering and eroticism, punk and poetry. It is a certain type of schizophrenia that finds a balance, dramatically undermining the status quo.’
His piece Insignificant, reported here in full, grapples with the impossibility of finding words to define love.
Keywords: British – queer – performance art
Love, insignificant, this, insignificant, body, insignificant, powerless, insignificant, never, insignificant, democracy, insignificant, pain, insignificant, life, insignificant, shit, insignificant, fuck, insignificant, artist, insignificant, I, insignificant, mediocracy, insignificant, deleted, insignificant, self, insignificant, promoted, insignificant, love, insignificant, more, insignificant, love, insignificant, beyond, insignificant, reason, insignificant, wounds, insignificant, sound, insignificant, refugee, insignificant, performance, insignificant, education, insignificant, falling, insignificant, undesired, insignificant, identity, insignificant, forced, insignificant, sucked, insignificant, prostitution, insignificant, deluded, insignificant, untouchable, insignificant, life, insignificant, useless, insignificant, hypocrite, insignificant, obscure, live, pricks poison, fear, numb, disappointment, insignificant, me, insignificant, scum, insignificant, anal, insignificant, rebellious, insignificant, bad, insignificant, ghetto, insignificant, untidy, insignificant, secure, insignificant, insane, insignificant, what, insignificant, marginalised, insignificant, heroes, insignificant, irrelevant, unbearable, intimacy, living, dead forbidden, dying, for, nothing, brain, washed, by, ignorance, and, stupidity, optimistic, insignificant, self, opportunistic, isolated, destruction, more, possibilities, insignificant, beautiful, insignificant, corrupted, insignificant, landscape, insignificant, unfamiliar, insignificant, ticking, insignificant, time, insignificant, no, insignificant, mission, insignificant, philistine, insignificant, doubt, insignificant, everything insignificant, front, up, unfriendly, playground, again, egotistic, society, trust, given, dying, entertainment, profit, from, discarded, chaos, diseases, firing, elemental, emancipated, dignity, terror, taken, a, way, conflicts, opportunistic, never, fragment, power, certain, land, moral, insignificant tortured, betrayals, home, lover, insignificant, wanted, insignificant, I’m, insignificant, not, insignificant, fucking, insignificant, christ, insignificant, compromised, murdered, destabilised, fired, up, abandoned, mental, visiting, everything, nothing, aspiration, slaved, respiration, resting, overdose, wars, pain, more, community, invisible, ones, rejected, naked, power, never, fired, profit, unknown, forgiven, hurt, unhealthy, marriage, abuse, trust, anarchic, dishonest, for, ever, poverty, overwhelming, irrelevance, mothers, no, listen, to, your, heart, we, need, to, be, revolutionary, ours, existence, is, abused, warmth, insecure, birth, greed, murder, on, your, knees, all, your, life, not me, nothing, matter, every, thing, matters, insignificant, maniac, insignificant, discontinued, taboos, ghettos, living, transmission, bastard, believe, over, you, son, free, dirty, not, masochist, poisoned, free, insecure, insignificant, dislocated, insignificant, missing, insignificant, sleazy, insignificant, lost, insignificant, cowards, time, less, anti, insignificant, social, insignificant, state, insignificant, obsolete, insignificant, love, insignificant, deprived, insignificant, removed, insignificant, site, insignificant, mean, insincere, raping, others, meaningful, tired, questioning, freak, mentoring, powerful, liar, everything, civilisation, hunted, let, down, boys, virus, pricks, lonely, hurting, yet, speed, saunas, delinquent, demoted, dreamers, useful, hurt, inspiring, love, insignificant, shameless, local, lust, I, was, naïve, pain, stoned, religion, supportive, platform, policing, our, desires, meeting, hope, electricity, encounters, cold, inside, hot, inside, coward, fear, outside, you, unloved, unsupported, water, deported, drowning, marked, luck, taken, immoral, love, journey, bureaucrats, desire, outsider, time, abandoned, energy, sex, waste, unfortunately, academics, insider, bad, unfair, politician, trust, meat, innocent, help, nights, lost, days, mother, streets, asking, renting, air, crying, years, of, abuse, dreamer, library, wanker, spanked, glory, over, returning, earth, maybe, in, defence, last, I, have, desire, emotional, home, also, policing, s...

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