Internal Combustion Engines
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Internal Combustion Engines

Applied Thermosciences

Allan T. Kirkpatrick

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eBook - ePub

Internal Combustion Engines

Applied Thermosciences

Allan T. Kirkpatrick

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About This Book

A comprehensive resource covering the foundational thermal-fluid sciences and engineering analysis techniques used to design and develop internal combustion engines

Internal Combustion Engines: Applied Thermosciences, Fourth Edition combines foundational thermal-fluid sciences with engineering analysis techniques for modeling and predicting the performance of internal combustion engines.

This new 4th edition includes brand new material on:

  • New engine technologies and concepts
  • Effects of engine speed on performance and emissions
  • Fluid mechanics of intake and exhaust flow in engines
  • Turbocharger and supercharger performance analysis
  • Chemical kinetic modeling, reaction mechanisms, and emissions
  • Advanced combustion processes including low temperature combustion
  • Piston, ring and journal bearing friction analysis

The 4th Edition expands on the combined analytical and numerical approaches used successfully in previous editions. Students and engineers are provided with several new tools for applying the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer to internal combustion engines.

Each chapter includes MATLAB programs and examples showing how to perform detailed engineering computations. The chapters also have an increased number of homework problems with which the reader can gauge their progress and retention. All the software is 'open source' so that readers can see in detail how computational analysis and the design of engines is performed. A companion website is also provided, offering access to the MATLAB computer programs.

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