Cat Musculature
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Cat Musculature

A Photographic Atlas

Gordon Greenblatt

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eBook - ePub

Cat Musculature

A Photographic Atlas

Gordon Greenblatt

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About This Book

This series of brilliant photographs shows the dissection of the cat musculature. It is designed for use in conjunction with the third edition of Hyman's Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, edited by Marvalee Wake, although it can be used with other textbooks. Every possible step has been taken to make the photographs easy to interpret and to follow. Reference indications to the Wake texts are included, and also concise data on the origin, insertion, and action of each muscle. The scale is such that in most cases no more than five muscles are shown per photograph, thus simplifying the task of visualizing the individual muscles. An invaluable aid for every student of cat anatomy.

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Guide to


This guide coincides with the organization of the material in Hyman's Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, third edition, edited by Marvalee Wake. Information on the origins, insertions, and actions of the muscles are also from Wake. Numbers following the names of individual muscles refer to plates in this atlas.

Pectoral Girdle and Forelimb Muscles

Superficial Chest Muscles (pages 355 and 356 in Wake)
Pectoantibrachialis 2, 15
Origin: Manubrium
Insertion: Fascia of forearm
Action: Draws arm towards chest
Pectoralis major 2, 15
Origin: Sternum and median ventral raphe
Insertion: Pectoral ridge on ventral side of humerus
Action: Draws arm towards chest
Pectoralis minor 2, 15
Origin: Sternum
Insertion: Ventral side of humerus, distal to pectoralis major
Action: Drawn arm toward chest
Xiphihumeralis 2, 15
Origin: Xiphoid process
Insertion: Ventral side of humerus with pectoralis minor
Action: Draws arm towards chest
Shoulder Muscles (pages 356 to 359 in Wake)
Latissimus dorsi 3
Origin: Neural spines of last thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and lumbodorsal fascia
Insertion: Medial surface of humerus
Action: Pulls forelimb dorsally and caudally, by retracting humerus
Trapezius muscles
Spinotrapezius 3
Origin: Spines of thoracic vertebrae
Insertion: Fascia of scapula
Action: Draws scapula dorsad and caudad Acromiotrapezius 3
Origin: Spines of cervical and first thoracic vertebrae
Insertion: Metacromion process, spine of scapula, and fascia of spinotrapezius
Action: Draws scapula dorsad and holds scapulae together
Clavotrapezius 3
Origin: Superior nuchal line and median dorsal line of neck
Insertion: Clavicle
Action: Draws clavicle dorsad and craniad
Levator scapulae ventralis 3
Origin: Transverse process of atlas and occipital bone
Insertion: Metacromion process of scapula and neighboring fascia
Action: Draws scapula craniad
Rhomboideus 4
Origin: Neural spines of vertebrae and ligaments
Insertion: Vertebral border of scapula
Action: Draws scapula dorsad and medial
Rhomboideus capitis 4
Origin: Superior nuchal line
Insertion: Scapula
Action: Draws scapula craniad or raises head Deltoids
Clavodeltoid (clavobrachialis) 3
Origin: Clavicle and fiber...

Table of contents