Anxiety and Behavior
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Anxiety and Behavior

Charles D. Spielberger, Charles D. Spielberger

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430 pages
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📖 eBook - PDF

Anxiety and Behavior

Charles D. Spielberger, Charles D. Spielberger

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Anxiety and Behavior focuses on the analysis of factors and conditions that contribute to anxiety, including stress, emotional disturbance, and psychosomatic disorders. The selection first offers information on theories and research on anxiety and the nature and measurement of anxiety. Topics include objective anxiety (fear) and neurotic anxiety, trends in anxiety research, anxiety and personality dynamics, and laws of anxiety change in pathological and other fields. The text then elaborates on questions and problems on the measurement of anxiety in children, including reservations about anxiety scales, concept of defense, and suggestions on the interpretation of anxiety scales. The publication reviews the psychosomatic aspects of anxiety, basis of psychopathology, and clinical origins of the activation concept. Discussions focus on anxiety and stress, observations of anxiety in men under stress, etiology of psychosomatic disorders, emotional disturbance, and activation. The text also considers conditioning and deconditioning of neurotic anxiety and interaction of cognitive and physiological determinants of emotional state. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the study of anxiety.

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Table of contents

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