White Fang
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White Fang

Jack London

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White Fang

Jack London

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"One of London's most interesting and ambitious works"-Robert Greenwood

White Fang is an allegorical adventure story about a part wolf, part dog who is born in the violent, harsh environment of the Canadian Yukon territory. The novel begins with two men attempting to bring a corpse back to civilization as they are followed by a pack of starving wolves. The novel, in its second act, switches to the perspective of the wolves. As a pup, White Fang endures battles of survival with his mother, One-Eye, against other wolves and a lynx. When One-Eye is in the close vicinity to a Native Indian village, she is recognized as an animal who had been part of the encampment at one point. Grey Beaver, a young hunter, adopts White Fang. The other dogs and pups resent the new addition to the village, and torment White Fang, who in turn becomes contentious. He is sold to a dog fighter, and into a brutal life of violence. He is eventually rescued and brought to California, to start a very different life in the care of a loving master and his family.

Although White Fang has become a very popular classic among readers, as an allegorical novel it is of great interest to sophisticated readers. The book has been adapted into many film versions, TV series, and animations.

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