Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

John R. Bessant, Joe Tidd

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📖 eBook - PDF

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

John R. Bessant, Joe Tidd

About This Book

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 rd Edition is an accessible text on innovation and entrepreneurship aimed specifically at undergraduate students studying business and management studies, but also those on engineering and science degrees with management courses.

The text applies key theories and research on innovation and entrepreneurship and then reviews and synthesises those theories and research to apply them in a much broader and contemporary context, including the corporate and public services, emerging technologies and economies, and sustainability and development and creating and capturing value from innovation and entrepreneurship. In this third edition the authors continue to adopt an explicit process model to help organise the material with clear links between innovation and entrepreneurship.

This text has been designed to be fully integrated with the Innovation Portal at, which contains an extensive collection of additional resources for both lecturers and students, including teaching resources, case studies, media clips, innovation tools, seminar and assessment activities and test questions.

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