Global Navigation for Pilots
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Global Navigation for Pilots

International Flight Techniques and Procedures

Dale De Remer, Ph.D., Gary Ullrich

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eBook - ePub

Global Navigation for Pilots

International Flight Techniques and Procedures

Dale De Remer, Ph.D., Gary Ullrich

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About This Book

This Third Edition of "Global Navigation for Pilots: International Flight Techniques and Procedures" is written and updated by Dale DeRemer, Ph.D. and Gary Ullrich, and serves as the continuation of what has been the definitive textbook on the subject since 1993. Covers long-range and trans-oceanic navigation techniques and procedures, and international flight planning, systems, and regulations. Topics include: GPS, RVSM airspace, featureless terrain navigation, celestial concepts important to pilots, ICAO aircraft registry information, and how to get your flight department ready to fly internationally. Fully illustrated in B/W, and includes glossary and index.

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Chapter 1
Introduction and International Regulations
The Arrangement and Use of This Book
This book is for the pilot who wants to know more about making international flights, in order that such flights may be properly planned for and executed. It takes the reader from the basic knowledge of air navigation expected of an instrument-rated private pilot onward, well into the subjects necessary to understand the methods and systems used to accomplish flight over longer distances and across international borders.
In the pages ahead, the reader should be alert for bold words, as they are special words that should be part of the knowledgeable pilot’s vocabulary. The reader will find that the bold word will soon be defined or has already been defined. The bold word will be found in the index, which is a good place to determine if the word is used elsewhere in the book.
The term “figures” is used for all diagrams, photographs, and tables. Figures are numbered as follows: chapter number–figure n...

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. About the Authors
  3. 1: Introduction and International Regulations
  4. 2: Earth Reference Systems
  5. 3: Maps and Charts
  6. 4: Basic Navigation Instruments
  7. 5: Basic Navigation Techniques
  8. 6: International Trip Planning and Preparation
  9. 7: Trans-Oceanic and Trans-Wilderness Planning
  10. 8: International Flight Operations
  11. 9: Flying in Europe
  12. 10: International Weather
  13. 11: Inertial Navigation
  14. 12: Global Positioning System
  15. 13: New Systems and the Changes They Bring
  16. 14: Flight Management Systems
  17. 15: Time
  18. 16: Navigation System Errors and Limitations
  19. 17: Celestial Concepts
  20. 18: The Future of International Operations
  21. Appendix 1: Readings in International Etiquette and Customs
  22. Index
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