Bleak House
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Bleak House

Charles Dickens

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eBook - ePub

Bleak House

Charles Dickens

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About This Book

Regarded as one of the author's finest and most ambitious works, Bleak House all but overflows with the imaginative inventiveness unique to Dickens as it holds the reader fast to his most involved and involving plot.

First published in 1853, Bleak House is a Victorian epic with a court case of fiendish difficulty at its center. The legal system's inability to resolve a will effects the lives of a broad swath of interconnected characters, revealing secrets and drawing out emotions ranging from selfless love to murderous hatred. The author mercilessly satirizes British law of his era while playing out a masterful chain of linked sub-plots. Esther Summerson, the only female narrator the author ever employed, is accompanied by a cavalcade of vivid, living characters as the story sweeps across Victorian society. Comic moments blend with tragic turns, hidden motives and relations come to light, and murder is committed before the question of inheritance is resolved. Arguably a proto-legal thriller and containing a genuine murder mystery, Bleak House is much more than that, and, in truth, much more than most any novel of its era.

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Mint Editions

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. I. In Chancery
  6. II. In Fashion
  7. III. A Progress
  8. IV. Telescopic Philanthropy
  9. V. A Morning Adventure
  10. VI. Quite at Home
  11. VII. The Ghost’s Walk
  12. VIII. Covering a Multitude of Sins
  13. IX. Signs and Tokens
  14. X. The Law-Writer
  15. XI. Our Dear Brother
  16. XII. On the Watch
  17. XIII. Esther’s Narrative
  18. XIV. Deportment
  19. XV. Bell Yard
  20. XVI. Tom-all-Alone’s
  21. XVII. Esther’s Narrative
  22. XVIII. Lady Dedlock
  23. XIX. Moving On
  24. XX. A New Lodger
  25. XXI. The Smallweed Family
  26. XXII. Mr. Bucket
  27. XXIII. Esther’s Narrative
  28. XXIV. An Appeal Case
  29. XXV. Mrs. Snagsby Sees It All
  30. XXVI. Sharpshooters
  31. XXVII. More Old Soldiers Than One
  32. XXVIII. The Ironmaster
  33. XXIX. The Young Man
  34. XXX. Esther’s Narrative
  35. XXXI. Nurse and Patient
  36. XXXII. The Appointed Time
  37. XXXIII. Interlopers
  38. XXXIV. A Turn of the Screw
  39. XXXV. Esther’s Narrative
  40. XXXVI. Chesney Wold
  41. XXXVII. Jarndyce and Jarndyce
  42. XXXVIII. A Struggle
  43. XXXIX. Attorney and Client
  44. XL. National and Domestic
  45. XLI. In Mr. Tulkinghorn’s Room
  46. XLII. In Mr. Tulkinghorn’s Chambers
  47. XLIII. Esther’s Narrative
  48. XLIV. The Letter and the Answer
  49. XLV. In Trust
  50. XLVI. Stop Him!
  51. XLVII. Jo’s Will
  52. XLVIII. Closing In
  53. XLIX. Dutiful Friendship
  54. L. Esther’s Narrative
  55. LI. Enlightened
  56. LII. Obstinacy
  57. LIII. The Track
  58. LIV. Springing a Mine
  59. LV. Flight
  60. LVI. Pursuit
  61. LVII. Esther’s Narrative
  62. LVIII. A Wintry Day and Night
  63. LIX. Esther’s Narrative
  64. LX. Perspective
  65. LXI. A Discovery
  66. LXII. Another Discovery
  67. LXIII. Steel and Iron
  68. LXIV. Esther’s Narrative
  69. LXV. Beginning the World
  70. LXVI. Down in Lincolnshire
  71. LXVII. The Close of Esther’s Narrative
  72. A Note About the Author
  73. A Note from the Publisher
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