Fractal Analysis
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Fractal Analysis

Olga Moreira

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eBook - PDF

Fractal Analysis

Olga Moreira

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The book "Fractal Analysis" is a collection of contemporaneous articles aims to guide the reader through the world of fractals. A world of computer-generated self-similar patterns that can capture the intricacy of natural structure such as snowflakes, fern leaves, and tree branching. A world that is not only aesthetically pleasing but that is also at the basis of new technologies such as fractal antennas included in every mobile phone. The book is centred on simulation models as well as on the implementation of different methods of measuring the spatial and temporal characteristics of fractal patterns. For instance, box-counting based methods that can be used to determine the fractal dimension of the edges of the Saturn's rings, forested landscapes, brain imaging data, and occurrence of words in text. It also includes an overview of fractal theory concepts, from self-similarity to the complexity of fractal networks.

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