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Microsoft 365 Portable Genius
Microsoft 365 Portable Genius

Microsoft 365 Portable Genius

Lisa A. Bucki
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Microsoft 365 Portable Genius

Lisa A. Bucki
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About This Book

Power up your proficiencywith thisgeniusguide topopularMicrosoft 365 apps

Do you want tomake your Microsoft 365 account a productivity behemoth?Do you want to squeezeevery lastbit of awesome fromWord, Excel, andPowerPointand learn a little more about Outlook, too? Microsoft 365 Portable Genius has got you covered.Aseasoned tech expert and trainer, authorLisa A. Buckishowsyou how tobuild Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations the right way, as well as how touse high-impactdesign techniquesto make your documents pop.

This book answers 11 key questions abouthow to make the most of Microsoft 365, providing genius tips as it leads you through the essentials. You'll learn how to:

  • Tackle common skills like creating files, adding basic content, navigating in a file, making selections, copying and movingcontent, and saving files
  • Build a new Word document by using outlining, bullets and numbering, columns, and other features forcreatingand enhancing content
  • Enhance Excel workbook filesby organizing data on different sheets, filling entries, creating range names, andenteringpowerful, accurate formulas
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation by choosing the right layout for each slide and addingcontent to placeholders, and then transform it into an on-screen show with transitions and animations
  • Add punchy design and branding by using text formatting, themes, and graphics in your files
  • Use lists, tables, and chartsto make data easier to interpret
  • Create, send, reply to, and organize email in Outlook, as well asaddcontacts
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Computer Science
Desktop Applications

Table of contents