Central Banks and Financial Markets
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Central Banks and Financial Markets

Dieter Gerdesmeier, Leo Th. Schrutt

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eBook - PDF

Central Banks and Financial Markets

Dieter Gerdesmeier, Leo Th. Schrutt

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Financial markets exercise an enormous influence over modern economies and it is certainly not exaggerated to say that central banks are among the most important actors in financial markets. At the same time, central banks closely monitor the signals and the overall situation in financial markets, often trying to avoid the worst when the situation becomes fragile.The structure of this book aims at presenting the key concepts of the financial sphere in an accessible and easy-to-read format. Starting from the very basics, the book discusses markets, instruments, and processes before presenting them in an overall framework. The latter helps to understand how the various parts interact and relate to the whole. Numerous examples and end-of-chapter summaries add to a better understanding of the concepts used.The book is targeted towards students interested in the world of finance and monetary policy. Both authors have spent decades in the practice of central banking and financial markets and can look back on a long tradition of very successful teaching activities

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